Sales Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of frequently asked questions related to sales, order, resellers and purchasing.

My trial period has expired. How can I extend the trial period?

Call us now at 1-888-548-7685 (US) or +6221-4587-3997 (International) to have your trial extended.

What is your product's Licensing method?

All products are licensed per developer. That means, a single license should be used by only 1 developer at the same time. You are allowed to install the product in several computers belonging to you such as laptop, computer at office and so on - as long as you're the only developer that utilizes the product.

Where can I read your License Agreement?

Our License Agreement can be found in each Product's home page. If you have purchased and installed the product, it can also be found in Start Menu >> Programs >> Intersoft WebUI Studio.NET >> [Product Name] >> License Agreement

What is Sitewide license?

Sitewide license is a special license that grants unlimited developers in a physical location or building to utilize the purchased products at the same time. If your company has more than 10 developers in a physical location or building, then the sitewide license is the most appropriate for you. Contact us for special discounts in your sitewide license inquiry.

What is Team license?

Team license enables a team of 4 or 8 developers to utilize the purchased products at the same time. We offer two kind of Team licenses for all our products, one is 4 Developers Team License and the other is 8 Developers Team License. The Team license is usually much cheaper compared to purchasing Single License with a specific quantity.

I have 6 developers, which suite sub-options should I choose?

Option A
Purchase 6 of Single Developer License

Option B
Purchase one of 4 Team Developer license then get an additional 2 Single licenses

Option C
Purchase an 8 Team Developer license. This will give you 2 extra free licenses, then you can add 2 more developers in the future.

If you have questions about the total ammount of license you need to purchase, contact us now at 1-888-548-7685 (US) or +6221-4587-3997 (International).

What is the difference between WebUI Studio Suite and WebUI Studio Subscription?

WebUI Studio comes in 2 versions, Suite and Subscription. The difference between Suite and Subscription is with Subscription, you will receive new products release within your active Subscription period (i.e. 1 year). For example, if you purchase WebUI Studio 2008 R2 now, you are entitled to receive WebUI Studio 2009 R1 and WebUI Studio 2009 R2 for free.

What happens to applications that are developed and in production when the subscription expires?

Nothing. You can still continue to work with all tools installed in your development machine. Even though your Subscription expires, the license for each component you received last for lifetime.

Do I have to renew my Subscription when it expires?

Yes, at a very low cost, renewing your subscription ensures you stay updated and obtain the latest innovative solution and cutting-edge UI controls. You must renew your expired subsection before 30-day. Please contact Intersoft Sales if you have more questions.

Will we receive the source code if we buy a license?

Unfortunately, no. We have made a deal with Escrow and we are not allowed to give all and/or part of the source code to our customers. Intersoft has a team of support that will help to solve any technical issues, therefore, you do not need to read and study the code, which surely will take up most of your evaluation or development time.

Purchasing the controls from us means you will also receive our full technical support as well as maintenance. You are always welcome to forward your issues to us and we will make sure that your issues will be solved in a timely manner. Hence, you could have more time focusing on the project rather than having to spare some time to learn the code. Intersoft believes that if something goes wrong with the controls, it will be our responsibility to fix it.

I’m currently using a competing product and interested to switch to yours. Do you provide any discount?

Yes, there is a competitive upgrade discount. Please contact us at 1-888-548-7685 (US) or +6221-4587-3997 (International) or Intersoft Sales for more details.

Are all licenses provided by Intersoft transferable?

Yes, all licenses are transferable. You can transfer licenses from one developer to another developer as long as you have the order written in a formal letter and signed by the authorities (company where the developers work, or if individuals, signed by both developers).

I would like to have Intersoft Solutions’ previous WebUI Studio/component release, but they are not available at Online Store. How could I get them?

Only an active full subscription purchaser is eligible to obtain the previous release of WebUI Studio/component. Please contact Intersoft Sales to obtain the previous release.

Do I need to pay extra costs for deployment?

No. Our products already include royalty-free runtime distribution. This means that you can create as many applications that use our products and distribute them to any number of customers and any number of servers, without additional cost.

Which section in your License Agreement mentions about royalty-free runtime distribution?

It was written in our License Agreement, Section III C, which reads as following:
C. Runtime and redistributable files. You may deploy your web applications using the SOFTWARE to any number of production servers or clients with no additional charges. The SOFTWARE runtime files shouldn’t be modified in any way prior to deploying and all copyright notices should be retained.

Does your online payment comply with web and e-commerce security standard?

Yes, our online payment service is powered by eSellerate, LLC – a member of BBBOnline Reliability. When you check out, you will be redirected to eSellerate payment website which operates in industry-standard SSL mode. You will notice a lock icon in your browser's status bar indicating SSL mode.

Our company can't perform payment with online method. Can we pay by wire transfer?

Yes, we accept payment through bank wire transfer. For more information about our bank and account details, please click here.

Are there other ways to purchase your products?

Yes, you can purchase our products through our authorized distributors and resellers in over 60 countries. Click here to see our authorized resellers nearest to you.

Do you provide discounts for non-profit organizations?

Yes, we provide certain degree of discounts for non-profit organizations. Please contact us at 1-888-548-7685 (US) or +6221-4587-3997 (International) or email Intersoft Sales about the non-profit organizations discounts.

I have purchased your products from your website online, but I haven't received any emails or download instruction from Intersoft Solutions. Why, and what should I do?

In most cases, your mail server has anti-spam feature enabled which filters incoming email messages. Automatically generated emails such as our purchase receipt email are often treated as spam/junk mail. If you can't find our email in your spam folder and don't receive any emails from us within 48 hours, please contact immediately.

I have completed my purchase from your website online, but I'm redirected to a page mentioning that my purchase requires further authorization for fraud review. What does that mean?

Our payment vendor implements a high degree of security for e-commerce transactions. Your order will be reviewed and authorized by our security team when your transaction meets one of the following conditions:
- IP Country and Billing Country are different.
- Phone number is not provided or not valid.
- Email address is a public mail services.

Once your order has passed our security team review, we will send your order details and download instruction immediately.

If you can't find the answer to your questions in the above list, please call us at 1-888-548-768 (US) or +6221-4587-3997 (International). Alternatively, you can send your email to Intersoft Sales.

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