The foundation of great cross-platform apps.

At the heart of Crosslight is the Foundation layer which contains the base frameworks, components, services, messaging and application infrastructure. The Crosslight Foundation is built on platform-neutral .NET stack (Portable Library) enabling Crosslight to target as many .NET platforms as possible – iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows Store – with the same set of Foundation assemblies.

The world’s most advanced MVVM
cross-platform framework.

The Crosslight Foundation is a platform-neutral .NET assembly that includes a comprehensive set of classes and API to support loosely-coupled application design pattern such as Model-View-ViewModel (further abbreviated as MVVM). It comes with a vast array of pre-built frameworks and components that are independent to a specific view technology or platform.
public class SimpleListViewModel : ListViewModelBase<item>
    public SimpleListViewModel()
        this.Items = this.Repository.GetAll().ToObservable();

    public string TotalItemsText
            if (this.Items.Count() == 0)
                return "No items.";
            else if (this.Items.Count() == 1)
                return "1 item";
                return this.Items.Count() + " items";

100% UI Logic Reuse

Crosslight Foundation brings two-way data binding capabilities to non-MVVM platforms such as iOS and Android. As the result, Crosslight makes cross-platform mobile development a reality by leveraging loosely-coupled design pattern that facilitates clear separation between user interaction logic and the view-specific technology – ultimately maximizes code reuse.

Fast 2-way Data Binding

The Crosslight binding framework supports all binding mode such as one-time, one-way and two-way binding. It supports converter, converter parameter, string format, culture, as well as explicit and real-time update source trigger mode. More importantly, the binding framework performs nearly 2x faster than Microsoft’s .NET implementation.

Advanced MVVM

In addition, the Crosslight Foundation also includes many components to support MVVM development such as a high-performance IoC (Inversion-of-control) container, lightweight delegate command, memory-efficient event aggregator and thoughtfully-engineered application lifecycle infrastructure that executes reliably across all platforms.

And Much More.

MVVM & Binding

Form Builder

View Presenters

Mobile Services

Enterprise Framework

Data Access

Two-way Data Sync

Advanced SQLite

Push Notification

Social Network

Async Image Loader

100,000+ API

Build intuitive data form in minutes, not months.

Crosslight Foundation lets you instantly and rapidly build gorgeous data forms that work consistently across all supported platforms – thanks to the innovative framework that enables automatic form generation based on a model class and defined metadata.
partial class Item
    [Form(Title = "{FormState} Item")]
    public class FormMetadata
        [Section(Style = SectionLayoutStyle.ImageWithFields)]
        public static GeneralSection General;

        [Section("Item Details")]
        [VisibilityBinding(Path = "IsSold")]
        public static ItemDetailSection ItemDetail;

	[Section("Item Status")]
	[VisibilityBinding(Path = "IsNewItem", SourceType = BindingSourceType.ViewModel, 
	public static SoldSection Sold;

        public static NotesSection Notes;

    public class GeneralSection
        [Image(Height = 83, Width = 80, Placeholder = "item_placeholder.png", Frame = "frame.png", FramePadding = 6, 
        FrameShadowHeight = 3)]
        [ImagePicker(ImageResultMode = ImageResultMode.Both, ActivateCommand = "ActivateImagePickerCommand", 
        PickerResultCommand = "FinishImagePickerCommand")]
        public static byte[] ThumbnailImage;

	[StringInput(Placeholder = "Product name")]
	[Layout(Style = LayoutStyle.DetailOnly)]
        public static string Name;

	[StringInput(Placeholder = "Price")]
	[Layout(Style = LayoutStyle.DetailOnly)]
	public static decimal Price;

    public class ItemDetailSection
        [StringInput(Placeholder = "iPad 4 Mini, 64GB", MaxHeight = 68f, AutoResize = true)]
        public static string Description;

	[StringInput(Placeholder = "Living Room", AutoCorrection = AutoCorrectionType.No)]
	public static string Location;

20+ Editor Types

Includes over 20 common editor types – ranging from textbox, multi-line textbox, checkbox, switch to date time picker and selection controls. In addition, it also ships with a comprehensive set of metadata that enables you to intuitively define the behaviors of a certain editor type.

Prebuilt Layout

The form builder service includes various pre-built layout design so you can create amazing data form like a pro. Choose from basic detail on the right, detail on left, detail on bottom, or detail only layout. It also includes a special composite image and fields layout which is ideal for contact or user details form.

Native UX

The form builder automates data binding process and takes care every little detail of the user experience aspects – from rotation handling, phone and tablet support, showing and dismissing popups to data processing and image optimization such as full size image and thumbnail image generation.

Rock-solid, proven framework built for enterprise development.

Building full-featured business apps is no longer rocket science – thanks to the advanced Crosslight enterprise app framework. Built upon Crosslight's solid foundation, the app framework includes a multitude of great features designed for business apps such as remote data management, identity management, integration with social networks, authentication, push notifications and much more. More importantly, it is designed with modern design patterns that emphasize clear separation between domain model, data access, and entity services.

Robust data access.

Crosslight made data access a breeze with its new, powerful data access services. Optimized for performance, the RestClient lets you easily fetch data from any REST-enabled services. Data modifications such as insert, update and delete are supported as well. It also supports dynamic queries for sorting, filtering and paging capabilities with developer-friendly API.

Powerful data sync.

Modern cross-platform apps today heavily rely on data synchronization to allow users to work online — or offline. Thankfully, Crosslight includes a proven, high-performance data synchronization service that was built on our decades of experiences building enterprise apps. It provides an end-to-end sync framework including both client and server.

Advanced SQLite.

Crosslight makes it easy for you to implement offline data storage in your apps – thanks to the robust SQLite services. Unlike other SQLite implementation, Crosslight SQLite is built from the ground up with modern design patterns to support advanced features such as asynchronous API, LINQ, and automatic changes and version management.

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