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You are only minutes away to discover the next-generation user interface toolkit with the latest innovation for the Silverlight and WPF application development.

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Your first step is to download a copy of the 30-day fully-functional trial, without features or capabilities limitation. The trial lets you explore the vast array of controls and samples, or immediately test-drive it to your existing development project.

Choose the web or full installer. The web installer is the easiest and fastest way to get ClientUI installed in your development machine. Instead of downloading everything, it will smartly download and install only the packages and features you selected. If you need to install ClientUI in multiple computers or runs a network-based installation, the full installer is your best option.


Before installing ClientUI, please ensure your development machines have met the system requirements below.

  • Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013
  • Silverlight 4 Tooling support for Visual Studio 2010
  • Silverlight 5 Tooling support for Visual Studio 2012/2013/2015
  • Expression Blend 3 (for Silverlight 3 development)
  • Expression Blend 4 (for Silverlight 4 development)
  • Blend for Visual Studio 2013/2015 (for Silverlight 5 development)

The unified installer enables you to easily customize your setup. Choose your preferred platform and customize the features you would like to install, and then select your Visual Studio version – all within the same interface. It is strongly advised to close all programs before starting the installation to ensure every bit of the product is successfully installed.

Templates, Samples, and Documentations

ClientUI is bundled with several project templates specifically designed for Visual Studio 2012 for streamlined development experiences. It includes preconfigured settings with complete references and application metadata to accelerate your development process. Six Silverlight and two WPF templates are available in both C# and VB, ranging from basic navigation project, MVVM business project to desktop-style interface application.

To start using the project templates, simply launch a new instance of Visual Studio 2012 then click on the New Project command. In the New Project dialog box, expand Intersoft Solutions node in the Installed Templates panel, then choose the application platform you would like to use. Finally, choose a project template from the available list and click OK button to continue.

ClientUI includes dozens of sample solutions containing unique, powerful, and innovative business-inspiring samples, easily accessible from WebUI Studio program group. Explore and discover the unlimited potential of each control and how you can harness its capability to build powerful and user-friendly business applications without steep learning curve. Products documentation is available in convenient CHM format which explains the controls concept, features explanation, and samples code. More comprehensive walkthroughs and how-to can be found in ClientUI Online Documentation.

Technical Questions, Live Demos, and More.

Stumbled in a very difficult scenario or looking for the best coding practice when working with our tools? Please visit ClientUI Community Forum to post your questions, or start a discussion. Premier Studio® license owner can directly collaborate with our senior technical engineer via real-time live chat.

Last but not least, make sure you check out – a showcase of compelling, unique and powerful user interface samples entirely built with ClientUI, ranging from general form-filling scenario, stunning media player, unique docking control, to the sophisticated inventory management business application. Built with top-notch navigation and presentation concept, the live demo represents the rich user experiences with standards-compliance usability engineered in each ClientUI control. Use the CoverFlow to flip through hundreds of samples or click the browse all button to see all available ClientUI controls logically grouped by category.

Sales and Licensing

Maximize your investment by making large quantity purchase or take advantage our competitive purchase program. For licensing inquiries, please call our our sales team at 1-888-548-7685, or reach us by email at

Get Started with ClientUI Featured Showcase.

Explore hundreds of rich business-inspiring samples, from simple registration form, rich editing dialog, image slidehow, to powerful multi-window applications. With nearly 500 samples, ClientUI showcase implements many UI scenarios commonly used in business applications. Browse more showcases.

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