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BUILD 1.0.1500.401
Released on Feb 27, 2013
WebTreeView is rendered properly in Mozilla for height 100%
BUILD 1.0.1500.223
Released on Nov 16, 2010
A node can now be unselected and selected on subsequent clicks (#826).
BUILD 1.0.1500.221
Released on Jun 08, 2010
Enhancement: Enhance multiple nodes selection using Ctrl and Shift keys.
Deleting a newly-added node will not delete all the visible nodes.
BUILD 1.0.1500.220
Released on Mar 17, 2010
Enhancement: Enhance SetEnabled client-side API to have second parameter, isRecursive. When isRecursive parameter is set to false, only the specified node will be affected.
Enhancement: The related checkbox element will be disabled automatically when a node is disabled.
Enhancement: WebTreeView now support XHTML doctype.
BUILD 1.0.1500.219
Released on Feb 08, 2010
ExpandedImage property is now implemented properly in node level (#406).
ExpandedImage property always refers to web resource, although custom path has been specified (#485).
WebTreeView’s content is now persisted correctly when postback is performed and WebTreeView is placed inside an UpdatePanel (#517).
BUILD 1.0.1500.217
Released on Oct 26, 2009
Enhancement: Supports medium trust hosting permission.
BUILD 1.0.1500.216
Released on Sep 01, 2009
Enhancement: Improved TreeView architecture for high performance operation supporting large child nodes data.
Performing full postback after deleting some nodes will no longer result in wrong nodes sequence.
JavaScript error will no longer occur when performing drag and drop in WebTreeView.
BUILD 1.0.1500.215
Released on Jul 09, 2009
New Scenario Supported: Support Response.Redirect in FlyPostBack callback context.
When a node is deleted, the other nodes loses its reference.
The loading indicator of WebTreeView is not displayed properly when integrated with WebCombo.
OnNodeMove server-side event is triggered twice when a node is dragged and dropped in FlyPostBack mode.
Unable to perform any action in the page when EnableTheming is enabled in WebTreeView and the treeview is placed inside WebNavePane.
Error occurs after expanding a node when LoadOnDemand is enabled in WebTreeView and ViewStateStorage is set Session.
Script error occurs when changing ContentURL of WebDesktopWindow after performing drag and drop between nodes in WebTreeView, that is included in the IFrame content of the WebDesktopWindow.
BUILD 1.0.1500.211
Released on Feb 26, 2009
When the node is expanded using the plus (+) sign, it will direcly navigate to TargetURL page.
BUILD 1.0.1500.210
Released on Jan 30, 2009
Error occured when WebTreeView is a page that contains jQuery.
BUILD 1.0.1500.209
Released on Dec 22, 2008
Error occured when drag and drop postback functionality is enabled and WebInput is used in the same page.
A node that has been added in client side is not persisted in second postback.
BUILD 1.0.1500.208
Released on Oct 29, 2008
New Scenario Supported: Added IsDataBindingPerformed property to indicate that rebinding data source action is needed.
The node is still deleted even though OnNodeDelete client side event has returned false.
The horizontal scrollbar is not displayed when WebTreeView is placed inside WebDialogBox.
BUILD 1.0.1500.207
Released on Sep 19, 2008
Error occurs when Visible is set to False and full postback is performed.
Script error occurs when WebTab's url is changed when a node is selected.
OnNodeSelect client side event is invoked more than once each time a node is selected.
Error occurs when a node is selected for the first time and the next navigation is peformed using keyboard.
When rtl is enabled, the hovered node becomes invisible.
BUILD 1.0.1500.112
Released on Jun 26, 2008
When WebTreeView is placed inside WebNavPane and its height is set to 100%, the WebTreeView will be shrinked when the nodes are expanded.
The check box state is not persisted during postback.
BUILD 1.0.1500.111
Released on May 08, 2008
EditNode textbox is not displayed correctly when WebTreeView is placed inside a WebPaneManager.
BUILD 1.0.1000.104
Released on Apr 01, 2008
Custom images do not appear when LoadOnDemand is enabled.
New Scenario Supported: Added EnableTriStateCheckBoxParentInIndeterminateState property to indicate whether to enable TriState checkbox parent in indeterminate state.
The value of Tag property is not persisted during postback.
Error occurs when performing postback after deleting a node.
Checbox in checkbox-type node is not disabled when the Enabled property of the node is set to False in server side.
BUILD 1.0.1500.6
Released on Nov 22, 2007
NodeSelectChanged server side event is invoked several times when selecting a node and AutoPostBackSettings-OnNodeSelect property is set to True.
BUILD 1.0.1500.5
Released on Oct 25, 2007
Text of an edited node is not persisted after performing full postback.
BUILD 1.0.1500.4
Released on Sep 28, 2007
New Scenario Supported: Supports including information about checked nodes when LoadOnDemand is enabled.
New Scenario Supported: Modify node's CustomStyle at runtime.
The number of nodes recently added in client side is not persisted during postback.
When ViewStateItems property is set to All or BehaviourAndCollection, the checked state of nodes are not persisted during postback.
BUILD 1.0.1500.3
Released on Aug 31, 2007
Incorrect scroll behaviour will occur if space bar is used to check a checkbox-type node.
Unable to use Shift+Click keyboard shortcut to select multiple nodes in WebTreeView which height is set to 100%.
New Scenario Supported: Implements ClientAction methods used during FlyPostBack.
When AutoPostBackSettings-OnNodeExpand property is set to True, the expanded node is not persisted during postback.
When AutoPostBackSettings-OnNodeCheckedChanged property is set to True, the checked node is not persisted during postback.
Unable to drag and drop from WebGrid to WebTreeView if WebTreeView's height is set to 100%.
If a node is selected on load, it won't get unselected when user selects another node.
When a node is specified as expanded in WebTreeViewNodeBinding, it is not expanded when the page is running.
When AutoPostBackSettings-OnNodeCheckedChanged is set to True and PostBackMode is set to FlyPostBack, the NodeSelectChanged event is called as many as the nodes' count.
When AutoCheckChildNodes is set to true and AutoPostBackSettings-OnNodeCheckChanged is set to True, not all the child nodes are unchecked after postback when the parent node is unchecked.
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