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BUILD 4.0.1000.2
Released on Oct 02, 2013
Renamed Calendar API


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BUILD 3.0.1000.131
Released on Apr 23, 2012
Fixed numerous resizing issues in WebScheduler
BUILD 3.0.1000.31
Released on Jun 16, 2011
In GMT +1 timezone where Daylight Saving Time is enabled, WebScheduler will now navigate to the correct date in Timeline 15 minutes view (#957).
BUILD 3.0.1000.20
Released on Feb 23, 2011
Users are no longer allowed to edit the categories when AllowAdd, AllowEdit, and AllowDelete properties are disabled (#910).
BUILD 3.0.1000.19
Released on Jan 21, 2011
Recurring event can now be updated correctly when the multiple selection in Categories WebCombo in built-in editing form is disabled (#880).
BUILD 3.0.1000.8
Released on Nov 16, 2010
Users will be prevented from navigating from Agenda view to Day view when Day view is disabled.
Multiple selection configuration of Category’s WebCombo in editing form can now be disabled.
BUILD 3.0.1000.5
Released on Jun 08, 2010
Enhancement: More text in Month view can now be customized using MoreText property in TextSettings category.
Enhancement: Added double click event behavior for events displayed in detail box.
Enhancement: Improve the event rendering logic in Day, Week, and Split views when time interval is enabled.
Enhancement: Time-based events that occur in a day and ends at 12:00 AM is now considered as one-day event, thus will be rendered as event that has one day duration in all view.
Enhancement: Added CacheBackgroundColor client-side API to cache the normal background color of the selected cell. This client-side API can be used when custom background color is set to selected cells and the color wants to be persisted when users selects
Enhancement: The day names header in Year and Quarter views is now automatically scrolled when the content is scrolled.
Events will not disappear when the view mode is switched and the FirstDayOfWeek property is set to Saturday (#650).
Configuring ShowAllDayArea property to False will not completely hide all-day event area (#659).
The cell in Timeline view are now correctly highlighted when the first cell in calendar is clicked and FirstDayOfWeek is set to Monday (#666).
Error will not occur when opening editing form when it is placed inside WebDesktopManager and WebTab (#678).
Events created for hidden resources will not be rendered (#691).
The timeline cells are now rendered properly when SelectedTimelineViewMode is set to DayHourly and there is switch-day event that ends at the next day (#695).
Context menu can now be displayed when WebScheduler is placed in IFrame and the page is run using IE7 browser (#705).
Error will not occur when custom DayHeaderStyle is specified (#715).
Disable time style will now be applied to the disabled cells although it is the today cell (#720).
Improve GetCellElements logic to retrieve the correct cells in Year and Quarter views (#725).
Error will not occur when today date is being viewed in Day, Week, or Split views and the current hour is outside the visible hours (#727).
The calendar is now displayed properly after switching from Quarter or Year view to other views (#730).
The text in the first cell header in Split view is persisted when users navigate to other date using calendar.
SchedulerTodayHeaderStyle is now persisted when the today header cell is hovered. Occurs in Safari and Chrome browsers only.
BUILD 3.0.1000.4
Released on Mar 17, 2010
Enhancement: Added OnEventDoubleClicked client-side event that will be invoked when users perform double-click action in an event.
Enhancement: Added SetSelectedObject client-side API to select a specific cell area or a specific event element.
Enhancement: Added ability to customize WebScheduler's callout content.
WebScheduler now re-retrieves all data during full postback action, refresh all action, and export action (#604).
Error will not occur when View on my calendar link is clicked and Day view is disabled (#602).
When custom editing form is used and OnEditingFormClose client-side event is specified, closing the editing dialog box will not cause error (#606).
The editing dialog box will refer to custom editing form when the dialog box is first opened (#633).
When FirstDayOfWeek is not set to Sunday, all events are displayed correctly during date and view navigation (#650).
In time zones that apply daylight saving time, error will not occur when events are added in Week view (#652).
BUILD 3.0.1000.3
Released on Feb 08, 2010
Ability to set the desired view mode which is applied along with the new time interval determined in SetTimeInterval client-side API.
Added SynchronizeTimeInterval property which controls whether or not the time interval modification in one view should be synchronized to all views.
In Split view, events are now correctly saved after performing drag and drop action when one or more resource(s) are hidden (#504).
Error no longer occurs when exporting WebScheduler programmatically (#519).
SetSelectedDate client-side function now works properly when Day or Week views are disabled (#563).
Alert method in ClientAction object now works properly (#564).
Any events that occur longer than the visible date and time in Timeline view can now be moved and saved properly (#567).
WebScheduler’s element is rendered correctly when integrated to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (#538).
WebScheduler can now render Today style correctly when VisibleStartTime is set to custom value and Day, Week, or Split view is set as the initial view mode (#572).
When users switch to Day, Week, or Split view, WebScheduler will now automatically scroll the scheduler’s view to the selected hour (#575).
All events in Timeline view can now be moved properly when Day or Week view is enabled (#580).
All switch events that have less than 24-hour duration are now rendered in all-day area (#581).
When client paging is enabled in Week view, the overlapping block is now rendered properly (#588).


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BUILD 2.0.1000.223
Released on Mar 17, 2010
Enhancement: Added ability to customize WebScheduler's callout content.
The editing dialog box will refer to custom editing form when the dialog box is first opened (#633).
BUILD 2.0.1000.222
Released on Feb 08, 2010
The scroll position in Timeline view is now persisted after RefreshAll function is invoked (#500).
BUILD 2.0.1000.221
Released on Oct 26, 2009
Enhancement: Supports medium trust hosting permission.
Enhancement: Support single quotes for ResourceName in WebScheduler (#439).
Events can now be displayed properly when daylight saving is enabled.
Error will not occur when users input Start time value in built-in editing form.
BUILD 2.0.1000.220
Released on Oct 07, 2009
Enhancement: Added OnConfirmationShow client-side event that will be invoked when the confirmation box is being shown.
Enhancement: Reduce duplicate event binding process during onload.
Enhancement: All built-in images used in WebScheduler's css class can now be displayed properly whether or not SmartWebResources are enabled.
Enhancement: Calendar event's data will now be selected only when MarkedDayWithEvents is set to True.
Enhancement: Added GoToToday client-side API that is used to show today's date in WebScheduler.
WebScheduler is now displayed properly in Opera 10 browser when ShowWeekNumber property is set to False.
The holiday description is no longer truncated when it contains apostrophe sign.
BUILD 2.0.1000.219
Released on Sep 01, 2009
New Scenario Supported: Support 12-hours format in built-in Editing Form, in addition to a 24-hours format. A new editing form template, EditingForm12H.aspx, is added to support this scenario.
New Scenario Supported: Enhanced event positioning in Timeline view.
New Scenario Supported: Enhanced resize action in Opera 9.64.
New Scenario Supported: Support daylight saving in WebScheduler.
Enhancement: The default value of TimeFormat property in ViewSettings is now set to Format24Hours.
Enhancement: Enhanced event rendering performance in enterprise scenario, especially in Timeline and Month view.
Enhancement: Supports multiple WebScheduler instances in a same page.
Enhancement: Rebind all WebScheduler objects during full postback action and prevent duplicate data.
Enhancement: Support cultures which include literal text in its formatted date.
Enhancement: Added OnPrepareExportExecute server-side event that will be called when export action is about to be invoked.
Enhancement: Added UseAgendaDetailsCollection property in ViewSettings - AgendaView. If this property is enabled, AgendaDetailsCollection will be used as the detail fields in Agenda view.
Enhancement: Added DisplayViewOnMyCalendarLink property in ViewSettings - AgendaView to determine whether the View on my calendar link is displayed in Agenda actions row.
Enhancement: Added OnConfirmationFormShow client-side event that will be invoked when confirmation form is about to be opened.
Enhancement: Added AddResourceText, AddCategoryText, and CallOutResourceFieldText properties in TextSettings that determines the text of callout title in the related callout.
Enhancement: Added OnInitialize client-side event that will be invoked when WebScheduler is being initialized.
Enhancement: All cells in Month view are now displayed correctly when ShowWeekNumbers property is disabled.
Enhancement: Added exception handler when error is thrown from data operation actions.
Enhancement: Automatically adjusted font size in description area of each event if the row height value is greater than the default value.
Enhancement: Opening editing form now will not cause double postback actions in Mozilla Firefox.
Enhancement: Enhanced column header layout in Split view for larger resource data.
Any updates to Resource object via the editing form are now reflected to scheduler’s UI when the editing form is closed.
Multiple WebDialogBox instances in the same page with WebScheduler instance will not cause various UI/style issues and JavaScript errors.
In the built-in Editing Form, end date value is now adjusted automatically according to the start date value when user selects a date in the start date field.
Error will no longer occur if events in Week view are moved to another cell when it is previously updated using the built-in editing form.
Error will no longer occur when WorkWeek is activated and user clicks on the calendar.
Opening editing form in Month view will no longer cause all WebInputs disabled.
BUILD 2.0.1000.218
Released on Jul 09, 2009
New Scenario Supported: Support Response.Redirect in FlyPostBack callback context.
New Scenario Supported: OnDataBound server-side event is now invoked after RefreshAll method is invoked.
New Scenario Supported: WebScheduler can now be deployed in SSL environment without warning message.
Enhancement: Added SetCallOutWidth and SetCallOutHeight functions that are used to set the size of callout in WebScheduler.
Enhancement: Added DoResize client-side API that will perform resize action in WebScheduler.
Enhancement: Added DateHeaderMode property in ViewSettings-TimelineView category that specify the mode used in Timeline's date header.
Enhancement: Added OnCalendarCellClicked client-side event that will be invoked when a calendar date is clicked.
Enhancement: Fix memory leak issue when navigating in Timeline view.
Enhancement: Fix browser crash issue in Timeline view - DayHourly mode when WebScheduler is placed inside PlaceHoldeManager and the height is set to 100%.
Replace the smaller images that represent importance options in Editing Form, with the normal images.
The selected date in Day and Week views are not persisted after RefreshAll method is invoked.
Script error occurs when ResourceContentTemplate is set to Custom but the content template is not specified.
When non-english culture is enabled, the first day of week is always set as Sunday even though FirstDayOfWeek property is has been set to another value.
The container of Timeline view is not automatically adjusted when WebScheduler is placed inside a table and the browser is resized. In this case, WebScheduler is set to 100% height and 100% width.
After switching view, the size of WebScheduler is not automatically adjusted when the browser is resized. In this case, WebScheduler is set to 100% height and 100% width.
Several events in Timeline view are not rendered in daylight saving time.
In Month view, scheduler container is truncated when ShowWeekNumbers property is set to False.
BUILD 2.0.1000.215
Released on Feb 26, 2009
New Scenario Supported: Added LayoutSettings-ShowImportanceImage property that determines whether or not the importance sign should be displayed in the events.
When WebScheduler is placed inside a table and its width is set to 90% and Timeline view is enabled , the view could not be scrolled to the right-most area.
In month and week mode of Timeline view, the event tooltip always displays the third day of the active week.
When printing Agenda view, the agenda details are not included in the printed layout.
In Day15Minutes mode of Timeline view and and event is dragged and dropped so that the end time starts in the next day, the event will dissapear.
When WebScheduler is exported, the resources displayed as legend are duplicated.
When calendar is placed in a custom container, the timeline view area is not displayed correctly.
BUILD 2.0.1000.214
Released on Jan 30, 2009
New Scenario Supported: Added some client side APIs to retrieve the start date and end date of Week and Month views. The new APIs are GetStartDateOfWeek, GetEndDateOfWeek, GetStartDateOfMonth, and GetEndDateOfMonth.
New Scenario Supported: Added new client side events, OnBeforeViewSwitched and OnAfterViewSwitched, that will be invoked when the view mode is switched.
New Scenario Supported: Added DisableMove and DisableResize API in event object to specify whether or not a specific event is allowed to be moved or resized.
New Scenario Supported: Added new client side events, OnBackNavigation and OnForwardNavigation, that will be invoked when Back and Forward buttons (in scheduler and calendar) are clicked.
New Scenario Supported: Added AgendaDetailsCollection property to add custom fields in agenda detail section.
Enhancement: When DisableEdit is enabled in event object, the event will not be allowed to be moved, resized, or editted from callout or context menu.
FirstWeekOfYear property in CalendarSettings are not used to specify first week of year during onload and view navigation.
In Month view, More box is not displayed in the correct position when WebScheduler is placed inside an absolute-positioned container.
In Day, Week, and Month view, the width of events are not adjusted when the calendar is collapsed.
When enabled, AllowCollapse tab in view header is not persisted when the view is switched to SplitView mode.
BUILD 2.0.1000.213
Released on Dec 22, 2008
New Scenario Supported: Exclude events where the resources do not have relation with the existing resources collection.
Enhancement: Added OnEventSelected client side event, that will be invoked when an event is selected.
New Scenario Supported: Resources data operation are now reflected properly in Split View mode.
When resources are modified (added, update, or deleted) and OnEditingFormClose client side event is specified, the scheduler view is not automatically refreshed.
BUILD 2.0.1000.212
Released on Dec 02, 2008
Enhancement: Compatibility with WebUI.NET Framework 3.0.5000.605.
Enhancement: Enhanced TripleLoad mechanism.
New Scenario Supported: Prevents a same data request to be performed multiple times.
New Scenario Supported: Added OnMultipleCellSelected client side event that is invoked when multiple dates are selected.
New Scenario Supported: Added OnCellDoubleClicked client side event that is invoked when a cell is double clicked in Day, Week, Month and Timeline views.
New Scenario Supported: Added RefreshAll client side API to refresh whole scheduler, including Resources and Categories collection.
New Scenario Supported: Persist horizontal and vertical scrollbar during flypostback and navigation actions in Timeline view.
The original UI state of event is not aborted when returning false in OnBeforeEdit and OnBeforeDelete client side events.
Deleted exception-typed event are not persisted when navigating between scheduler views.
Unable to invoke OnEventBound client side event in Timeline view.
New Scenario Supported: Added OnCellSelected client side event that is invoked when a cell is selected.
BUILD 2.0.1000.211
Released on Nov 06, 2008
New Scenario Supported: Added OnMultipleCellSelected client side event that is invoked when multiple dates are selected.
When a specific resource is hidden and an event is dragged and dropped to the area of the hidden event, the hidden event will be displayed after updating process.
Error occurs when deleting all occurrences of a recurring event.
All-day event that occurs in non work day and has one day duration is incorrectly displayed in WorkWeek view.
BUILD 2.0.1000.210
Released on Oct 29, 2008
New Scenario Supported: Full support for Google Chrome browser.
New Scenario Supported: Quarter zoom-level in Timeline drilldown.
New Scenario Supported: Added four view modes in Timeline view: Month view, Week view, DayHourly, and Day15Minutes views.
New Scenario Supported: Supports multiple cell selection in Day, Week, Month, Timeline and SplitView mode.
New Scenario Supported: Displays date range of events and multiple cell selected in callout and built-in editing form.
New Scenario Supported: Displays date range of events in event detail of Agenda view.
New Scenario Supported: Selected resources are now automatically selected in callout and built-in editing form when user clicks in empty cell in timeline view.
New Scenario Supported: Added Tooltip property in Event object, which will be displayed as event's tooltip in Day, Week, Month and Timeline view mode.
New Scenario Supported: In built-in editing form, user can enlarge the Description textarea for broader view. Needs the latest EditingForm.aspx.
New Scenario Supported: In Insert, Update and Delete server side events, Type parameter is added to indicate which data table is being updated.
In built-in editing form, WebCombo's dropdown is incorrectly displayed when the container is scrolled.
Unsynchronized selected date between calendar and scheduler view will occur when clicking on calendar's cell when Timeline view is active.
The previous selected event is still highlighted when an empty cell is clicked in Timeline view.
Unable to see the dragged event in Timeline view when there are more than one event in a cell.
Unable to view events that starts and ends in different month when the work week view is activated.
Incorrect event rendering occurs when updating all day event that occurs at the end of the week.
When EmptyCellClickAction is set to ShowEditingForm, the editing form is displayed when right clicking all day event area.
Incorrect event rendering when navigating from Month view to Week view using the week header.
Script error occurs when clicking week header that only has outbound cells.
In Timeline view, the resources rows are shrinked after several cell selection.
In Timeline view, the events will be incorrectly rendered when resources are selected and unselected.
BUILD 2.0.1000.207
Released on Sep 19, 2008
New Scenario Supported: Supports Decimal data type in WebScheduler.
New Scenario Supported: Add OnEventBound client side event in Timeline view.
When AllowCreateEventInHoliday is set to False, user can still add event in holiday when the active view is Month view.
In Agenda view, events can still be editted and deleted eventhough DisableEdit and DisableDelete are set to False.
When placed inside a table cell, the content's height in Day and Week view is now adjusted to the container's height.


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BUILD 1.0.1000.115
Released on Sep 19, 2008
Enhancement: Added validation in built-in editing form to ensure users do not enter the same date and time as StartTime and EndTime without checking the AllDayEvent checkbox.
New Scenario Supported: Customize WeekNumber elements in Month view and calendar.
New Scenario Supported: Added TimeBasedEventDisplay property to determine whether or not to display the event subject only in any type of event in Month view.
New Scenario Supported: Added AllDayEventAreaHeight property to set the height of all day event area in Day and Week view when there is no all-day event rendered.
New Scenario Supported: Added EmptyCellClickAction property to determine the action performed when emtpy cell is clicked. User can choose to display callout or editing form when empty cell is clicked.
Error occurs when displaying editing form when AllowEdit is set to Yes and EnableContextMenu is set to False.
BUILD 1.0.1000.113
Released on Jun 26, 2008
New Scenario Supported: Supports AddInput in WebScheduler.
New Feature Supported: Adds OnContextMenu client side event.
New Scenario Supported: When using Editing Form, events are now rendered correctly after data operation.
New Scenario Supported: Exception events are deleted when the recurrence pattern of the series is updated.
Error occurs when WebSceduler is placed inside WebTab using IFrame Content Mode.
Unable to use Edit and delete button in Resources WebCombo.
In editing form, full postback will be invoked if Importance field is not filled.
In Week view, the event's color is not changed when its resource is modified and it is placed in the last column.
When updating only an instance of a recurring event, the event can not be selected after updating process.
Unable to invoke OnAfterEdit and OnBeforeEdit client side events.
"Delegates must be of the same type" error occurs when using Update server side event.
EventBound client side event is not invoked when viewing Month, Quarter, Year, and Agenda views.
The eventView parameter in EventBound client side event is null.
Error occurs when closing the editing form after adding a resource.
BUILD 1.0.1000.112
Released on May 09, 2008
New Scenario Supported: Supports custom editing form
BUILD 1.0.1000.111
Released on May 08, 2008
New Scenario Supported: Supports x32 and x64-bit machine.
New Scenario Supported: Supports RTL mode in WebScheduler.
New Scenario Supported: Persists SelectedDate and SelectedViewMode values during flypostback.
New Scenario Supported: Add EnableNavigateToOtherView property which determines whether or not user can navigate to other view using header click action in Month view
New Scenario Supported: Add ClearResource client side methods.
New Scenario Supported: add OnEditingFormShow, OnEditingFormInitialize, OnEditingFormSave, OnEditingFormCancel, OnEditingFormClose client side events.
Incorrect overlapping event rendering when the start time and end time is not in 30 minutes interval.
More div element is incorrectly displayed when the browser window is resized.
Incorrect event rendering when adding event which starts on the previous month.
BUILD 1.0.1000.105
Released on Apr 01, 2008
Missing exception image in Agenda view mode.
Incorrect event rendering for switch-event (time-based event which doesn't start and end at the same date).
Enhance updating and deleting process when editing events in More element content of Month view.
Support Japanese and Korean culture in Month view.
New Scenario Supported: Added OnActiveItemClick client side event that is invoked when the active item is clicked.
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