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BUILD 6.0.7200.260
Released on Aug 31, 2014
WebCombo: ResultBox WebCombo automatically close after user expand/collapse WebTreeView node (in integration with WebTreeView scenario)
BUILD 6.0.7200.258
Released on Jan 23, 2014
WebCombo: DropDown is rendered correctly in Mozila
BUILD 6.0.7200.253
Released on Mar 22, 2013
WebCombo: Simultaneous multiple AJAX requests no longer cause Javascript error when using HTML5 doctype (Applies to IE9 only)
BUILD 6.0.7200.252
Released on Feb 27, 2013
Implement onItemChecked Clientside event for item checked handler
BUILD 6.0.7200.251
Released on Jan 30, 2013
WebCombo's column header is now aligned propertly in XHTML and HTML5 doctype


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BUILD 5.0.7200.12
Released on Apr 25, 2012
All Rows in WebCombo are no longer automatically checked after First Selection
BUILD 5.0.7200.11
Released on Mar 22, 2012
Columns in WebCombo are now properly aligned when the doc type is set to XHTML mode
Load more data is now working in WebCombo when the doc type is set to XHTML
BUILD 5.0.7200.3
Released on Jul 28, 2011
Enhancement: WebCombo now supports client binding scenario with multiple selection and read only mode enabled.
Error does not occur in WebCombo when ClientBinding is used and the data is bound to custom object (#989).
RenderOnHidden property now works when WebCombo is set to use client binding and WCF service (#1001).
BUILD 5.0.7200.2
Released on Jun 16, 2011
"Loaded Rows x of y" status is incorrect when filtered using AlwaysShowAllRowsOnDropDown set to true (#940).


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BUILD 4.0.7200.233
Released on Jan 21, 2011
Enhancement: Added OnHideDropDown client-side event that will be invoked when the result box is about to be closed.
Enhancement: Added LoadMoreKeyGesture property that enables users to load more data by pressing Down arrow key, instead of PageDown key.
The controlId parameter in OnKeyDown client-side event now returns the correct value (#702).
Programmatically adding new row in client-side now works properly when MultipleSelection is enabled and TextBoxMode is set to ReadOnly (#703).
The search image is now displayed properly when the height of WebCombo is larger than 20px (#617).
BUILD 4.0.7200.222
Released on Nov 16, 2010
When users select a row in multiple selection mode and lost focus out of the control, the selected value will be duplicated when users focus back on WebCombo (#732).
BUILD 4.0.7200.220
Released on Jun 08, 2010
WebCombo now properly treat plus and minus sign as literal text in auto filter mode (#693).
BUILD 4.0.7200.219
Released on Feb 08, 2010
When Linked WebCombos are integrated to WebGrid, user will be notified when the parent WebCombo is empty (#512).
When WebTreeView is integrated to WebCombo, new nodes added in WebTreeView will be loaded automatically (#346).
Apostrophe character now will not return invalid result when WebCombo is bound to LinqDataSource (#461).
WebCombo now handles ‘%’ character as text and value correctly.
WebCombo with DefaultStyle now supports width and height resizing in Visual Studio designer.
BUILD 4.0.7200.217
Released on Oct 26, 2009
Enhancement: Supports medium trust hosting permission.
Enhancement: Support usage in ModalContentWindow using Mozilla Firefox browser (#446).
WebCombo now will not add duplicate items when it loses and then gains focus in InstantLookup entry mode (#424).
BUILD 4.0.7200.216
Released on Oct 07, 2009
Enhancement: Automatic result box positioning is now supported in non IE browsers.
BUILD 4.0.7200.215
Released on Sep 01, 2009
Enhancement: Improved keyboard navigation in multiple selection result box.
Enhancement: WebMenu is now displayed in the correct position when integrated to WebCombo.
Enhancement: Improves the behavior and UI of the result box in Safari 4.0.3 for Windows and Opera 9.64 when WebTreeView is integrated to WebCombo.
JavaScript error will no longer occur when asynchronous postback and update panel is used together with WebCombo.
WebCombo will now create new stylesheet for each box-sizing style rule when using XHTML document type.
When LinkSettings is enabled and child combo is configured as unbound combo, user will always be prompted to select a value from the parent combo if it is empty.
BUILD 4.0.7200.214
Released on Jul 09, 2009
New Scenario Supported: Support Response.Redirect in FlyPostBack callback context.
WebCombo's result box is now displayed in normal size when it is placed in WebPaneManager and the content mode is set to IFrame.
When multiple columns feature is enabled, the width of result box is enlarged according to the width of browser.
New item is not added when AllowAddItems is set to True.
Unable to scroll WebTreeView when it is integrated with WebCombo.
BUILD 4.0.7200.211
Released on Jan 30, 2009
Error occured when LinkedWebCombo and MultipleSelection are enabled and the combos are programmatically bound in server side.
BUILD 4.0.7200.210
Released on Dec 02, 2008
Enhancement: Compatibility with WebUI.NET Framework 3.0.5000.605.
When WebCombo is integrated to WebGrid, OnAddItem client side event is invoked even though user does not add a new item.
When integrated to WebTreeView, the result box of WebCombo is not closed when user clicks on other WebCombo.
BUILD 4.0.7200.209
Released on Oct 29, 2008
New Scenario Supported: Full support for Google Chrome browser.
New Scenario Supported: Added Enable property in WebComboRow to enable or disable a specific row in WebCombo.
Dropdown area is not rendered properly after the WebCombo is updated using ASP.NET AJAX and the page is using XHTML doctype.
When placed inside WebCallOut, the WebCombo’s dropdown is not rendered and cannot be clicked.
Text overlapped the dropdown area in Safari/Chrome browser.
Dropdown list is forcibly closed when the vertical scrollbar is dragged/clicked in Chrome browser.
Default text selection is missing after an item is selected in Chrome browser.
Multiple selection text does not appear on first load in Chrome browser.
Dropdown list is shown at incorrect position when its container is scrolled down.
BUILD 4.0.7200.207
Released on Sep 19, 2008
New Scenario Supported: Full support for LINQ to SQL enabling blazing fast data retrieval and operation.
Dropdown area is not rendered properly after the WebCombo is updated using ASP.NET AJAX and the page is using XHTML doctype.
When used in unbound mode and integrated with WebGrid, the linked WebCombo does not synchronized properly with the parent WebCombo after several editing.
BUILD 4.0.7200.112
Released on Jun 26, 2008
WebCombo doesn't show the first record of the data source when it is bound to LINQ data source.
BUILD 4.0.7200.111
Released on May 08, 2008
Supports enhancements in WebUI.NET Framework 3.0.
BUILD 4.0.7200.11
Released on Sep 28, 2007
New Scenario Supported: Linked WebCombo now supports Fast AJAX mode (PostHiddenFields=False).
BUILD 4.0.7200.8
Released on May 30, 2007
Object Reference error occurs when XmlCompression is enabled in WebCombo during post back.
BUILD 4.0.7200.7
Released on Apr 30, 2007
The value of WebCombo is not persisted during postback when WebCombo is included in WebDialogBox.
Error occurs when enabling XML Compression in File System project.
Error occurs when setting WebCombo's value in OnPreRender event of unbound WebCombo.
WebCombo's StatusBar is not displayed during first initialization process.
The background color of WebCombo's header changes to White, when ResultBoxWindowType property is set to Normal.
BUILD 4.0.7200.6
Released on Apr 05, 2007
Enhancement for ASP.NET AJAX RTM: Support new instance creation during callback context.
Improved mechanism when registering SmartWebResources.
New scenario supported: WebCombo now supports variable percentage width.
Error occurs when integrating WebCombo in WebGrid .
The value of WebCombo is not persisted during postback when it is set to not visible.
Unable to set the value of WebCombo from server side when it is placed inside a non-visible placeholder.
When WebCombo is placed inside a non-visible placeholder, it is not displayed when the placeholder is set to visible.
Unable to use RequiredFieldValidator with WebCombo.
Error occurs when populating different cultures in WebCombo and performing postback after a selection is made.


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BUILD 3.0.3000.21
Released on Aug 31, 2007
Full postback is performed when validating an empty WebCombo using ASP.NET RequiredFieldValidator.
BUILD 3.0.3000.20
Released on Aug 13, 2007
The text of WebComboRow is wrapped when it is added using AddItem client side method.
BUILD 3.0.3000.19
Released on Feb 28, 2007
ResultBox occupies all browser's width when multiple column is enabled.
New Scenario Supported : Use WebCombo.NET inside UpdatePanel of Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX v1.0.
BUILD 3.0.3000.18
Released on Nov 29, 2006
When MultipleColumn is used, ResultBox is displayed as wide as the browser's width.
New scenario supported : Use WebCombo.NET inside Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions (ATLAS 1 Beta version) UpdatePanel.
BUILD 3.0.3000.17
Released on Sep 26, 2006
Atlas UpdatePanel triggers full postback when used side by side with WebCombo.
BUILD 3.0.3000.16
Released on Aug 24, 2006
WebCombo doesn't filter data that starts with * eventhough AllowWildCardSearch has been set to False.
The position of WebCombo changes and JavaScript error occurs when refreshing WebGrid in EditMode and WebCombo is integrated to WebGrid.
Internet Explorer 6 unexpectedly crashed while interacting with WebCombo after installing Microsoft Cumulative Security Update 918899.
BUILD 3.0.3000.15
Released on Jul 31, 2006
Error occured when using RefreshModifiedControls in a page that contains <% %> tag.
Javascript error occurs when previewing layout using Layout Manager.
"Missing operand after '=' operator" error occurs when WebCombo is integrated in WebGrid and WebCombo loses focus.
WebCombo's Help refers to incorrect URL
BUILD 3.0.3000.14
Released on Jun 21, 2006
Error occured when selecting an row with empty value on specified DataTextField and AllowAutoPostback is set to True.
When placed under WebGrid, WebCombo flickers when selecting a row.
BUILD 3.0.3000.13
Released on May 24, 2006
ValueChanged event is not called when EntryMode = InstantLookup and using Enter button to select the item.
When using keyboard to browse the rows, child WebCombo does not filter the rows eventhough a value has been selected in parent WebCombo.
"Access denied" error occurs when using External CSS in WebCombo.
BUILD 3.0.3000.12
Released on Apr 27, 2006
JavaScript error occurs when using WebCombo with CustomValidator control in Mozilla.
Unable to throw exception during OnTheFlyPostback.
WebCombo issue using MultipleColumns in Dual Monitor.
BUILD 3.0.3000.11
Released on Mar 30, 2006
WebCombo ignores "[" character when filtering data.
When the "more" button is clicked, the result box dropdown disappears instead of getting more results (applicable to Firefox 1.5+ only).
In Mozilla, AllowTextWrapping doesn't work (the text is overlapped).
In FireFox 1.5, tooltip is no longer displayed when text exceeds the width boundary.
In a MultipleColumn WebCombo, if the first column's text is wider than the size of the column, it will appear over the next column's text (applicable to Firefox 1.5+ only).
If AlwaysShowRowsOnDropDown is enabled, using ShowDropDown method doesn't show all rows in result box.
BUILD 3.0.3000.10
Released on Feb 16, 2006
When integrated to WebGrid and WebCombo's LinkSettings is enabled, Child WebCombo did not reflect the parent value properly when selected row changed.
Added wider validators support for ASP.NET 2.0.
WebCombo SessionState is lost after PostBack.
Server side exception occurred when WebCombo is integrated into WebGrid, and SendCustomRequest is used within editing mode.
Error when keyboard down arrow is used for navigation in WebCombo's search textbox.
DataList control in VS2003 is not compatible with WebCombo.
BUILD 3.0.3000.9
Released on Jan 12, 2006
Linked WebCombo did not work in ASP.NET 2.0.
Invisible WebCombo no longer invoke InitializeDataSource event.
Broader supports for IList DataSource type when used together with scriptlet tags.
Absolute position is now functional properly in Visual Studio 2005 design time.
BUILD 3.0.3000.8
Released on Dec 09, 2005
GUID data type is now supported in LinkSettings feature.
HelpURL now configurable at control level or application-wide.
SetValue for disabled WebCombo is now supported back.
Javascript error when Help icon is clicked.
BUILD 3.0.3000.7
Released on Nov 01, 2005
RowStyle is not applied during FlyRequest when ViewStateStorage is set to None or Client.
Better DBNull handling when binding to custom collection (IList).
DataSource can now be set to Null during FlyRequest in Load on Demand scenario when bound to custom business object.
InitializeDataSource event handler is no longer invoked when the control is not Visible.
Error occurred when session state is disabled and datasource is cleared.
BUILD 3.0.3000.6
Released on Oct 04, 2005
Fixed numerous RequiredValidator issue.
Set WebCombo's Value on first page load now working properly when using Arraylist as Datasource.
Javascript error occurred when new item is about to be added in WebCombo with Multiple columns and AllowAddItem=true.
In Bound mode,+ (plus) character is not recognized in auto complete entry mode.
Truncated text on the last cell of MultiColumn WebCombo now properly displayed as tooltip.
The Name property is not displayed in WebCombo’s column designer.
When inheritted, FlyPostback is not invoked although DataSource has been set.
Fixed IE memory leaks.
Fixed binding issues with IList or IEnumerable DataSource when used in LoadOnDemand mode.
Using WebCombo.NET Designer to set MultipleSettings failed. The setting is not persisted in HTML tags.
Supports modern BrowserCaps.
InstantLookup now supports Unbound mode.
BUILD 3.0.3000.5
Released on Aug 23, 2005
Improved server-side state handling when postviewstate, postinputcontrols and postcontrolstate is set to false.
OnLostFocus client side event needs to pass controlId as parameter.
SendCustomRequest method now works properly.
Fixed UI behavior issue in multiple selections mode, when a checkbox is clicked but dragged outside the checkbox, the item is not checked but still appear in the TextBox.
LinkSettings is not applied if specified from WebCombo.NET Designer.
LinkSettings now works properly when both WebCombos are put inside different server controls.
Supports DotNetNuke 3.1.x
BUILD 3.0.3000.4
Released on Jul 20, 2005
Javascript error occurred when WebCombo is using ResultBoxType=Normal in dual monitor. (Only IE browser affected)
Width can't be less than 120 px in Designer.
Inherittance to WebCombo now working properly.
CauseValidation=false on button still cause postback in page containing WebCombo.


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BUILD 2.0.2500.33
Released on Aug 29, 2006
Internet Explorer 6 unexpectedly crashed while interacting with WebCombo after installing Microsoft Cumulative Security Update 918899.
BUILD 2.0.2500.32
Released on Feb 15, 2005
Fixed rendering issue when integrated within WebGrid.NET environment.
BUILD 2.0.2500.31
Released on Dec 22, 2004
New performance improvement mechanism in Build 30 causing load on demand (AllowAutoQueryHandler=False) to fail.
BUILD 2.0.2500.30
Released on Nov 18, 2004
Build 30 now marked as Service Pack 3. Hotfix is not available since full reinstallation is required.
Important updates to Intersoft's assemblies : rscoree.dll no longer required. All assemblies now work perfectly without additional runtime files which previously required by protection mechanism.
Performance improvement up to 70% when binding to large datasource with multiple columns enabled.
Added SensitiveSearch client side property.
Fixed possibly double highlight/selection when using Unbound mode in certain scenarios.
BUILD 2.0.2500.28
Released on Oct 11, 2004
Double quote in Value Field on Bound mode generates error.
Input error when Allowadditem is set to True and used in bound mode and multi columns mode.
Scriptdirectory and Imagesdirectory are now configurable through Web.Config.
Added AdjustResultBoxLeft property to allow relative adjustment to displayed ResultBox position.
BUILD 2.0.2500.26
Released on Aug 03, 2004
Requesting data (OnTheFly postback) when the session timed out cause the page to display Network Logon prompt.
Accents and unicode characters are no longer encoded automatically in the TextBox portion of WebCombo.NET.
BUILD 2.0.2500.25
Released on Jul 13, 2004
Space character causing problem and inconsistency in row selection and fly postback.
Added SearchButtonPosition property to configure whether the SearchButton (DropdownArrow) should be displayed in left side (for Arabic support) or right (normal) side.
Fixed viewstate error in fly postback when a page containing WebCombo is redirected using Server.Transfer
Enhancement to page redirection when session timed out and flypostback is being performed.
Added clientside FormIndex property to WebCombo object.
Added clientside FastPostBack property to WebCombo object.
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