Problem with hyperlink inside UXGridView

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I have problem with UXGridView. I need to show HyperLink (with absolute Uri) inside grid. I tried following solutions:

1. <Intersoft:UXGridViewHyperlinkColumn Header="PROVIDER" Width="260" Binding="{Binding Path=Name}" NavigateUriBinding="{Binding Path=Url}"></Intersoft:UXGridViewHyperlinkColumn>
Not working, showing error about Absolute to Relative Uri convertion.

2. Intersoft:UXGridViewTemplateColumn and Intersoft:HyperLink inside. Not sure how to setup text of hyperlink in this case.

3. Intersoft:UXGridViewTemplateColumn and typical HyperLinkButton control. Showing without problems, but can not click on it (I think because grid not allowing events or something like that).

I think solution should be trivial. Please help!
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