Build amazing cross-platform apps the right way.

Built upon solid MVVM architecture, Crosslight lets you easily create enterprise-grade native apps by sharing nearly 100% application codebase across iOS, Android and Windows projects.

All the features you ever need.

Crosslight ships over 120,000 APIs which includes everything you need to build great cross-platform apps fast – from cross-platform UI components, frameworks, services, data access, to comprehensive tooling support for both Windows and Mac.

Binding Framework

Powerful 2-way data binding with built-in command support, MVVM, event aggregator, and dependency injection.

Data Framework

Complete data management features, from listing, filter, sort, paging to editing and validation. Also include advanced entity services for changes management.

Form Builder

Easily build rich data form in a single code base which includes 40+ form controls and various layout styles.

Data Visualization

Featuring over 20+ chart types, visualizing data has never been this easy. With full MVVM support, Crosslight Charting works seamlessly with Crosslight ViewModels.

Logging Framework

Ultra powerful and flexible logging framework allows you to identify issues more easily in production stages and export logs anywhere.

Push Notification

Includes push notification services for both client and server, featuring unified notification and support for Apple, Google and Windows.

Drawer Navigation

Beautifully-designed sliding drawer navigation component with native look and feel, fully customizable appearance.

Master Detail

Versatile master-detail component featuring split view layout with item navigation and automatic rotation handling.

Intuitive Presenters

Includes various pre-built presenter interface including message presenter, activity indicator, toast presenter, and action presenter.

Mobile Services

Invoke native platform’s services with a simple API, including camera, telephony, messaging, location, social, notifications, and more.

Enterprise Reporting

Easily connect to Intersoft Reporting Server and deliver professional-looking reports right to the mobile apps natively.

Advanced SQLite

Designed with modern API, Intersoft SQLite includes full support for LINQ, asynchronous queries, data synchronization, and more.

Async Image Loader

Blazing-fast image loader that works asynchronously with pre-built caching, virtualization support and smart redundancy handling.

Deep IDE Integration

With over more than 50+ ready-to-use item templates and project templates, fully integrated to Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio, jump start your next Crosslight apps with ease.

+100 UI Components

Hundreds of gorgeous cross-platform UI components at your fingertips, including map, carousel, calendar, and much more.

Getting Started with Crosslight

Got existing Xamarin apps? Follow this simple walkthrough to get started with Crosslight in no time.

Supercharged Development with NuGet Packages

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. Crosslight now fully takes advantage the power of NuGet Package Manager to install, restore and update Crosslight packages.

Installing Crosslight on Mac

1. Open your project using Xamarin Studio

2. Open Intersoft Package Console Extension

3. Run this command

Install-Package Intersoft Crosslight -allPackages

You're now ready to jump start your mobile development with Crosslight.
Follow this starter walkthrough to move forward.

Installing Crosslight on Windows

1. Open your solution in Visual Studio

2. Right click-on your solution and select Manage NuGet Packages for Solution.

3. Search for Intersoft.Crosslight and install to all products.

You've successfully installed Crosslight on Windows.

For a more comprehensive information on additional commands, updating and restoring NuGet packages, visit the documentation.

Jump start your next great apps today.

Why Crosslight?

Learn how Crosslight can help tackle your next mobile app project, shaving off more than 50% of the time and 70% of your overall project costs.
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What’s New in Crosslight 5

Crosslight 5 delivers a brand-new Android Material library and major groundbreaking features that make cross-platform mobile development even easier. This new release also features a much streamlined developer experience through extensive NuGet support, allowing you to easily add Crosslight extensions and update to a new version right from the NuGet interface.

In addition, Crosslight 5 also adds stunning and fully-customizable gauges, a versatile signature pad, and a much improved calendar component. Other key highlights in this release include various API improvements in Crosslight Foundation, comprehensive storyboard support targeting iOS 9, and major updates to tooling integration supported on both Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio.

One toolset to rule it all.


The core of Crosslight — a single foundation that empowers all platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows Store.
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Great apps starts with rock-solid architecture.

With Crosslight, you only have to write your application logic once, then reuse it in all platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows. Leveraging solid MVVM architectural pattern, you write significantly less code which translates to less bugs, more maintainable code, and ultimately results in high quality apps.

Instead of writing code in each native platform, you simply write the entire application logic once in the shared ViewModel. At runtime, Crosslight automatically perform binding and execute the bound code in the ViewModel. Here's how it works.


Write application code in ViewModel. Let’s say, launching camera to take a photo when users tap on a button.

public async void ExecuteTakePhoto(object parameter)
    var captureResult = await
    if (!captureResult.IsCancelled)
        await this.UploadPhotoAsync(captureResult.ImageData);


The result of the code for each platform can be seen below, running with native UI.

100% shared app logic
75% less code
2x faster development speed
4 platforms

Enterprise mobile apps development made truly easy.

Enterprise App Framework

Two-way Synchronization

Unified Push Messaging

Advanced Reporting

Powerful Entity Manager

Async-ready SQLite

Engineered with solid architecture from the ground up, Crosslight app framework includes a multitude of time-saving features designed for business apps such as remote data management, identity management, integration with social networks, authentication, push notifications and much more.

The app framework is designed with modern design patterns that emphasize clear separation between domain model, data access, and entity services. To that end, the app framework includes pre-built model services, repositories, and entity services that you can easily consume in your apps. Building powerful data-intensive apps have never been this easy.

Create amazing apps like a pro.

Easily create business apps that leverage mobile-specific features such as taking photo with camera, make a phone call, compose a short message, detecting current location or a placemark with GPS, crop a photo and produce thumbnail, picking a media from library, checking network connectivity, and much more.




Local Storage









Develop with your favorite OS and IDE.

Crosslight ships with installers and great tooling support for both Mac and Windows, so you can always build great apps on the operating system and development environment you love – Xamarin Studio on the Mac or Visual Studio on Windows.

More importantly, projects created with Crosslight can be opened in both Xamarin Studio on the Mac and Visual Studio on Windows. All required references are smartly resolved so you and your team can efficiently work on a single solution across different operating system and development environments.

Jump start your next apps in 5 minutes.

Integrated to Visual Studio 2013 and 2015, the Project Wizard lets you choose from over 40 template variations based on the primary template types, the device kind and the platform. The wizard supports six template types – Blank, Navigation, Master Detail, Tabbed, Business, and Localizable Business. Each template is beautifully designed with industry-standards mobile design pattern and supports a variety of platforms – iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Store.

Pricing and Licensing.

Find out the available pricing options for Crosslight below.

Mobile Studio

Includes Crosslight with 1 year subscription.

Full Subscription
$ 999
$ 799
Bundled with Xamarin
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Premier Studio

Includes Crosslight and 500+ components for ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF with 1 year subscription.

Full Subscription
$ 1,999
$ 1,199
Bundled with Xamarin
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Subscription license provides you with access to all new products for one year long without additional costs. Other great benefits include priority support, early access to beta products, and much more.

Need help deciding which subscription you should purchase? Please visit compare Intersoft Studio subscriptions page, or contact us for volume licensing, competitive upgrade offers, and other sales inquiries.

Subscription is licensed per developer. For more information, refer to Intersoft Software License Agreement.

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