Crosslight Advantages

This page illustrates many of the benefits and advantages in building cross-platform mobile apps using Crosslight over traditional native approach.

Let’s say you’re building a mobile e-commerce app targeting iOS and Android platforms with 5 modules below.

Live Chat

Integrated Mobile Payment

Product Browsing

Intuitive Orders Management

User Profile Management

Development Cost

Total monthly development cost, assuming an average $3,000 per developer.

Native Crosslight
20 Native Developers ( 10 Objective-C / Swift, 10 Java ) @ $3,000
10 Crosslight Developers ( C# & .NET ) @ $3,000

Timeframe and Total Project Cost

Estimated total cost given the project's timeframe and the monthly development cost.

@ $60,000
6 @ $30,000
@ $999/user


Crosslight shaved 70% off your initial project budget estimate and halve your development time table.

$534K saving
74% cost
50% time

How Crosslight Works

Crosslight shares your business logic in a centralized codebase.

True Cross-Platform Development
with Crosslight

In 2014, Colin Eberhardt and Chris Price created a small project called PropertyCross to test out the "cross-platform-ability" of phone frameworks to see how it fares against each other. See how Crosslight manages to share 100% of application code across platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

100% Shared App Code

Crosslight — PropertyCross

Core Android iOS Windows

See how Crosslight manages to reuse 100% of the shared app logic and obtaining 82% overall code sharing for all platforms.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Less Workforce

Single Skillset C# and .NET

Reduced Development Time

Less Bugs

Greater Maintainability

Increase Income

Great Native User Experience

Happier Employees and Users

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