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Enable Expand/Collapse

You can perform expand and collapse in WebExplorerPane. Simply click on the Up/Down arrow at the right most part of ExplorerPane header to Expand and Collapse the ExplorerPane.

In this topic, you will learn how to enable expand/collapse from client-side.

To enable expand/collapse

  1. Drag a HTML button control to the WebForm.
  2. Create ExpandPane() function to implement expand and collapse pane.
    JavaScript Copy Code
    function ExpandPane(paneId, buttonId) 
       var expPane = ISGetObject("WebExplorerPane1");
       var button = ISGetObject(buttonId);
       var pane = expPane.Panes.GetNamedItem(paneId);
       if (pane.Collapse) 

  3. Trigger ExpandPane() using onclick on HTML button.

    <input ID="Button1" type="button" value="button" onclick="ExpandPane('barPictureTasks', 'Button1')"/>

  4. Run the project.
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