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Create MenuBar with Shortcut

You can have various shortcut types in MenuBar.

This topic will show you how to create MenuBar with shortcuts.

To create MenuBar with Shortcuts

  1. Right-click on WebMenuBar control and choose Visual Menu Builder.
  2. Create a MenuBar item. For example: File or Edit.
  3. Create the MenuBar item collection. For example: New Window, New Tab.
  4. In MenuBar item collection Properties, expand Shortcut.
  5. In Shortcut, you can customize shortcut types. In this case, set AlphabetKey to N and Ctrl to True.
  6. Set OnClick to scCTRLN.
  7. Create scCTRLN() function to give alert when you press CTRL+N from keyboard.
    JavaScript Copy Code
    function scCTRLN()
       alert("Performing Ctrl+N : File-New Window");

  8. Run the project. When you press CTRL+N, MenuBar will trigger New Window and invoke scCTRLN() function.
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