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Configure WebTab Modes

WebTab has several modes that user can customized. They are ContentMode, DisplayMode and SizingMode.

In this topic, you will learn how to configure WebTab Modes.

To configure Content Mode

  1. By default, ContentMode is set to UseInlineContent. Therefore, to use inline content, WebTab has used ClickAndEdit technology to make possible for you to edit the content of the Tab directly, just by clicking on the content inside the "dashed-border box" region. You can put any controls inside it, including server side controls, html controls, user controls.
  2. To use IFrame, simply set ContentMode to UseIFrame and set the ContentURL to the page you want to display in the IFrame. When you have already specified the ContentURL, a Button “Edit [Page]” will appear in the center of the TabItem. Using the ClickAndSelect™ technology, this button will lead you to interact directly with the object related with this IFrame.

To configure Display Mode

  1. You can configure WebTab with different position. Simply set Position to Bottom.
  2. To change WebTab's caption mode, go to TabPages and click the collection button.
  3. Set CaptionDisplayMode to TextAndImage. Then, set Image to location of the image itself.
  4. To change the image's position, simply set ImageAlignment to either Top, Bottom, Left or Right.

To configure Sizing Mode

  1. The default SizeMode is Automatic, where each TabItem's width depends on its Text's length. When SizeMode is set to Justify, the WebTabItem's size will be justified according to the WebTab's Size. 
  2. When SizeMode is set to Fixed and DefaultTabItemWidth is set to 100px, each Tab's Size will use the value specified in DefaultTabItemWidth.
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