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Customize Content in Client-side

WebExplorePane allows user to replace the pane content from client-side dynamically.

This topic will show you on how to change the inline content of WebExplorerBar.

To change inline content of ExplorerPane

  1. Add a HTML button and named it "Change InlineContent".
  2. Add the following code in client-side to implement changing inline content:

    JavaScript Copy Code
    function DoChange()
       var expPane = ISGetObject("WebExplorerPane1");    
       var pane = expPane.Panes.GetNamedItem("WebExplorerBarFile");                          
       pane.ChangeInlineContent("Change Inline Content");

  3. Invoke DoChange() function in onclick event like the following:

    JavaScript Copy Code
    <input id="Button1" type="button" value="Change InlineContent" onclick="DoChange()"/>

  4. Run the project. When you click the button, it will change the content in the specified pane.
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