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Configure Accept Data and Accept Drag Control

This walkthrough shows you how to restrict a drop control to accept only Number data type.

During this walkthrough, you will learn how to do the following:

  • Set ASP.NET panel for drag panel and drop panel.
  • Use WebDragDropExtender to allow the drag panel dragged to drop panel.
  • Set which panel can be accepted by drop control.


In order to complete this walkthrough, you will need the following:

  • Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 Application.

 Step-By-Step Instructions

To set restricting a drop control to accept only Number data type.

  1. Launch Visual Studio.NET 2008.
  2. Click on File menu, then select New and click Web Site.
  3. Select ASP.NET Web Site in the Template box and set Location to HTTP.
  4. Named the Web Site and click OK.
  5. Right-click on Project's name and select Add New Item.
  6. Select Intersoft AppForm in the My Templates box and named it as Walkthrough.aspx.
  7. Drag WebDragDropExtender instance from ToolBar to WebForm.
  8. Drag three ASP.Net panel to WebForm.
  9. Set the background of each panel to different color (e.g : first panel pink, second panel yellow and third panel green).

  10. Click on WebDragDropExtender instance and press F4.
  11. On DragControls property, click the (collection) button to open WebDragControl Collection Editor. You can set which panel will be the DragControl.

  12. On DropControls property, click the (collection) button to open WebDropControl Collection Editor. You can set which panel that will be the DropControl.

  13. In ClientSideEvents, set OnDragStart to DragStart and OnDragDrop to DragDrop.

  14. In HTML mode, create a new client side function and named it function DragOver(controlId, e, dropObject) and function DragDrop(controlId, e, dropObject). Here is the complete code:

    JavaScript Copy Code
    function DragStart(controlId, e)
        var dragControl = e.Owner;
        if (dragControl.ControlID == "Panel2")
            /* assign DragData programmatically in client side */
            dragControl.DragData = 100;
    function DragDrop(controlId, e, dropObject)
        if (e.Effect == ISDragDropEffects.NotAllowed)
            alert("Nice try..");
            alert("Thanks for dropping by..");

  15. Run and compile the project.
  16. Try to drag the pink panel and you will see the restricted effect from the pink panel.

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