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Configure Latency

WebCallOut introduces new behaviors that never-seen-before, which are DisplayLatency and Latency.

  • DisplayLatency
    Specify how long user should wait (mouse hover) on the TargetControlId before WebCallOut is shown (in milliseconds). The default value is 500ms.
  • Latency
    Specify how long the WebCallOut will appear before it starts to disappear (in seconds). The default value is 30s.
    In order to use this property, you should set CloseBehavior to Latency.

This topic shows how to set both properties in WebCallOut.

To set DisplayLatency and Latency in WebCallOut

  1. Right-click on WebCallOut control and choose Properties.
  2. Set TargetControlId to the control you want to use.
  3. Set DisplayLatency to 1000 and Latency to 100 for example.
  4. The WebCallOut will appear after 1 second and start to disappear after 100 seconds.
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