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Configure Allow Collapse

You can have a collapsible pane in WebPaneManager.

This topic will show you how to configure Allow Collapse.

To configure Allow Collapse

  1. Right-click on WebPaneManager and choose WebPaneManager Advanced Designer.
  2. Create layout from the template provided by WebPaneManager. Click Pick Template Layout / Create Custom Tabular, and you can select any template you want in the template dropdownlist.
  3. In WebPaneManager Advanced Designer, select a pane to be collapsible and set AllowCollapse to Yes.
  4. Go to WebPaneManager Designer >> Images Settings.
  5. Set SplitterGridBottom to SplitterDown.gif, SplitterGridLeft to SpliterLeft.gif, SplitterGridRight to SplitterRight.gif and SplitterGridTop to SplitterTop.gif.
  6. Run the project.
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