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Customize Content Modes

There are 2 types of ContentMode of a WebDialogBox, which are InlineContent and IFrame.

This topic will show you how to customize content modes.

To customize content modes

  1. Drag two WebDialogBox and two WebButton controls to the WebForm.
  2. For the second WebDialogBox, set ContentURL to any content you want to include. For example: HTMLPage.htm.
  3. Use WebButton's OnClientClick client-side event to show dialog box.
    JavaScript Copy Code
    function WebButton1_OnClientClick(controlId, parameter)
       var WebButton1 = ISGetObject(controlId);
       var WebDialogBox1 = ISGetObject("WebDialogBox1");
       return true;
    function WebButton2_OnClientClick(controlId, parameter)
       var WebButton2 = ISGetObject(controlId);
       var WebDialogBox2 = ISGetObject("WebDialogBox2");
       return true;

  4. Run the project.
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