New in ClientUI 12

The latest ClientUI delivers stunning charts to the Reporting suite
with best-in-class designer and over 200+ new features.

ClientUI Reporting for WPF

Everything you love about ClientUI Reporting for Silverlight, now available on the desktop. Full WYSIWYG report designer, pixel-perfect report rendering, desktop-class experience. Author and build gorgeous enterprise reports like never before. Now comes with full charting support!

Reporting Controls

ClientUI 12 brings reporting controls entirely available to WPF which allow you to view reports from desktop application. All reports you have previously authored in Silverlight will continue to work exactly the same way and manner in WPF.

Report Converter

Got an existing app with Microsoft Crystal Reports? No worries. Now you can easily convert all of your Crystal reports to work with ClientUI Reporting with the new Crystal Reports Converter. Simply import your reports and start using ClientUI Reporting today!

Charting Support

Supporting over more than 20+ types of charts, ClientUI Reporting lets you integrate various charts inside your reports. Available for Silverlight and WPF, you can now simply drag and drop charts onto the designer surface, simply bind your data, and voila, your reports have never looked this gorgeous.

Chart Designer

The new charting feature also comes with comprehensive chart designer that allows you to customize various parts of the chart, including the chart’s title, axis, series, and so much more.

In addition, the samples are now categorized into basic, data, app, services, and ui samples. If you just starting out with Crosslight, checking out basic samples are highly recommended.

New ClientUI Samples

ClientUI 12 introduces new redesigned technical samples strongly focused on each product's feature. It's designed to help you discover the features quickly and implement them in your application. Check out some of these feature-packed samples below.

Control Samples

This sample showcases various controls available in Silverlight and WPF platforms, such as UXQueryBuilder, UXPropertyGrid and UXBreadCrumb with various common use cases.

Data Samples

Previously known as UXGridView.Samples, this sample showcases various data-related controls such as UXItemsControl, UXListBox, UXTreeView, and much more. The sample also demonstrates how ClientUI data controls interact with other technologies, such as WCF RIA Services and DevForce Services.

Data Visualization Samples

Visualize your data in more than 25+ types of charts available exclusively for ClientUI Reporting. The new rendering engine allows your data to shine with pixel-perfect clarity. Best of all, it works for both Silverlight and WPF.

Reporting Samples

Visualize your data in various gorgeous charts available in ClientUI Reporting Suite. Pie, line, bar, area, range, scatter, feel free to display any type of charts, in any way you like. All with high performance.

Retina-ready UI Controls

Nowadays, devices are more and more capable of displaying pixels in higher densities than ever. The new ClientUI features an upgraded rendering feature that allows controls to be displayed in high densities without losing their fidelity. The controls are now able to display sharply rendered pixels across all devices, supporting either low or high density displays.

Powerful Reporting Engine

At the heart of ClientUI Reporting is a powerful, blazing-fast reporting engine that is capable to process report document in the most efficient way possible. The reporting engine ships with full scripting support, enabling you to write C# style scripting in your report. In fact, you can even access many of the classes and functionality available in .NET Framework through the C# scripting – making it possible for you to author dynamic business reports with complex requirements.

  • 100% client-side rendering, built upon XAML engine
  • C# style scripting support with access to rich .NET functionality
  • Support any page size with customizable measurement unit
  • Connect to any server-side datasource
  • Built-in support for WCF RIA and DevForce
  • Support client-side and server-side data sorting, filtering and grouping
  • Dynamic report creation through ViewModel binding
  • Unlimited pages in a single report document
  • Rich report components including image, shapes, bar code, and more
  • Unlimited data bands with hierarchical support
  • Includes table, side-by-side, and sub report component
  • Flexible report processing options such as keep header together
  • Comprehensive parameter support
  • Conditional formatting and styling
  • Localization support at application or report level

True Client-Side Report Engine

Say good bye to sluggish, traditional server-side report engine. Designed entirely for client-side rendering, ClientUI Reporting will never compromise with performance, thanks to its efficient data retrieval process. The report engine downloads the raw data from the server which is at least 4 times smaller than typical server-side rendered report. Combined with the ultra-efficient rendering pass built into the engine, your report size is no longer a concern.


Built for ultimate flexibility, ClientUI Reporting lets you connect to any datasource as long as they are reachable – from web services, Web API, WCF RIA Services, DevForce, to virtually any objects that can be serialized over the wire. Forget the tedious database-specific configuration, all you need in ClientUI Reporting is simply defining the data definitions.

C# Style Scripting Engine

Featuring a rock-solid scripting engine, you can now write C# code and access to full .NET library from within your reports. It allows you to get or set a property of an object, or even create new objects. And the best of all, the script engine performs nearly as fast as the compiled runtime execution. It also supports scripting in the report events which can be authored directly in the report document – allowing you to create dynamic report without requiring recompilation.

Comprehensive Components

ClientUI Reporting is equipped with a vast array of built-in report components optimized for line-of-business scenarios, including text box, image, various shapes, and over 200+ bar code types. It also supports more advanced report components such as multi page support, nested data bands, table, and sub report – all comes with fully customization settings and behaviors.

Advanced Report Viewer

Along with an intuitive viewer control, ClientUI Reporting offers sophisticated viewing experiences and blazing-fast rendering to display compelling business reports without performance bottleneck. It employs the most advanced rendering technique that loads pages seamlessly in the background which dramatically increase the overall application's responsiveness. It delivers sophisticated features that users will definitely love to see such as searching a text in the document, precise text selection, copy to clipboard, zooming, printing, as well as exporting support to many popular format.

  • Pixel-perfect report rendering
  • Support any page size with combined orientation
  • Asynchronous background pages rendering
  • Export to HTML, PDF, Excel, Word, and more
  • Fast document printing
  • Custom fonts support
  • Search, text selection, and copy text
  • Various view mode with zoom support
  • Automatic pages virtualization
  • Ultra smooth scrolling
  • Excellent memory management

Pixel-Perfect Report Rendering

ClientUI Reporting runs fully on the client-side, starting from the data source population and data shaping to the pixel-perfect report generation and rendering. Every single detail is thoughtfully designed so you can easily deliver the most compelling reports to users. It automatically handles common layout issues such as line overlapping, border intersection, double line removal – which ultimately delivers the best viewing experiences.

Smart Background Loading

With the new smart background loading feature in ClientUI Reporting, size doesn't matter anymore – so you don't have to worry on the report performance when it produces large number of pages. Unlike the traditional reporting solutions which require all pages to be processed and rendered beforehand, ClientUI Reporting employs an innovative report processing algorithm that allows pages to be rendered at background and asynchronously updated to the screen as the rendering is in progress. The result is obvious – improved responsiveness and awesome user experiences.

End-User Report Designer

Designed with single logical report container concept, a report document can be independently deployed without dependencies on certain backend or a specific component. Building on this principle, the ClientUI Report Viewer allows users to edit the report right from within the application interface. With the simplicity of a property set, you can give users the capability to modify, preview and save the reports back to the report server.

Export to Popular Format

Users can easily export the current report document to one of the supported popular document format. ClientUI Reporting supports exporting to PDF, HTML, Excel as well as images format like JPEG, PNG, TIFF. Building on the advanced rendering technique, users can expect fast export throughput. The export result is near-identical with the document viewer result while the quality may vary based on the specified settings of the format.

Easy-to-use Report Designer

ClientUI Reporting includes a full-featured report designer which is built from the ground up with modern design workspace that emphasizes on true WYSIWYG authoring experience. The comprehensive designer tools let you leverage all the powerful features available in the ClientUI Reporting such as drag-drop support to interact with report components, smart tag to quickly set common properties, wizards to easily configure data shaping, and expression editor to write your own C# scripts. Everything is thoughtfully considered and ensured to deliver the most intuitive designer experiences – so that both you and end-users can author stunning business reports in significantly shorter time with less effort.

  • Modern design workspace featuring WYSIWYG authoring experience
  • Intuitive authoring experience with streamlined task workflow in ribbon
  • Precise layout with ruler and grid guidance
  • Flexible snap-to-grid settings
  • Quick object settings with smart tag
  • User-friendly property editing with multi objects support
  • Unlimited undo and redo
  • Various view mode with smooth zooming
  • Comprehensive object editor support
  • Real-time report preview
  • Flexible component locking for end-user designer
  • Beautiful industrial-standard theme design
  • Excellent memory management

Modern Design Workspace

Unlike traditional report designers, ClientUI Report Designer features clutter-less surface that allows you to work with the report elements as if they were in an actual page. Featuring true WYSIWYG experience, you can easily author gorgeous business reports through the guided task workflow in the ribbon. You can easily add a data band or report section from the ribbon gallery, set common properties in smart tag, copy and paste objects through context menu or keyboard shortcuts, and customize every aspect of the report component and layout – all from within the single report designer interface.

Robust Drag-Drop Support

One of the key features in the ClientUI Report Designer is its robust drag and drop support which allows you to perform most design tasks in elegant way. Say goodbye to tedious tasks commonly found in report authoring such as object positioning and resizing, object creation, data field sorting, and more. In addition, you can also perform drag-drop on multiple objects, or drag-hold on empty surface to quickly select multiple nearby objects.

Smart Grid Snapping

Aligning labels and fields can be a daunting task in generic report designer without design visual aid support. That's not something to worry in ClientUI Report Designer – thanks to its design ruler and smart snap-to-grid designer features. Simply drag an object to move or resize it around, the Report Designer automatically snaps to the spot you desire – making it easy for you to create beautiful report with neat, properly-aligned layout.

Comprehensive Object Editor

ClientUI Report Designer does not only offer great surface-level design tools, it also comes with hundreds of editors specifically designed to handle each report component – from the color editor supporting solid and gradient brushes, border editor, styles editor, data band editor, data definition editor, parameter editor, to expression editor and conditional formatting and much more. You can also customize many aspects of the report document through editors such as the page size setup, watermark, and globalization.

Real-time Report Preview

Save your precious time and reduce the effort to create professional-looking business reports. With real-time report preview, you no longer have to perform a series of tedious tasks – saving the report, switch to the running apps, refresh the viewer – just to see how your design looks like in the actual report. Simply click on the Preview button and let ClientUI Report Designer auto generates the sample data and render the report for you. When you are happy with the result, just save your report with a simple button click – and your report is ready to be accessed by users. It's that easy!

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