Development Experience

ClientUI enables you to take full advantage of the underlying power of the platform and focuses on helping you deliver rich and scalable application architecture in less time. The vast array of UI controls in ClientUI is designed for impressive visual development experience with extended design-time support on Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and Expression Blend 4.

Streamlined Development

ClientUI enables a closer collaboration between developer and designer by enabling them to do what they best at. Developers use Visual Studio 2012 to code the business logic, while designers use Expression Blend 4 to design the user-friendly interface and the experience aspects of the application. This ensures the final project quality, a powerful business application with professional looking interface.

Toolbox and Assets Registrations

Starting from the installation, ClientUI configures your IDE to get you ready for development. Each control is automatically registered to Visual Studio Toolbox and Expression Blend Assets under Intersoft ClientUI tab group.

WYSIWYG Design Experience

Rapidly take your application from design to prototype to commercial-ready in WYSIWYG fashion. Drag drop an instance of the control to the designer surface and even resize it to fit your application estate. Every control comes with professionally finished style, similar to Windows Aero. You can also use Microsoft Expression Blend to tweak the design further and it will be reflected in Visual Studio immediately.

Project Templates

ClientUI is also shipped with dozens of line-of-business project templates to help you get started faster. Combined with the rich development experience and rapidly ship deliver dozens of commercial projects with no delay.

Learn more how you can accelerate your development with ClientUI in Visual Studio and in Expression Blend.

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