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Featuring over 350 innovative tools for Silverlight 3, 4, and 5 in addition to WPF 4 – WebUI Studio gives the entire development tools you need to rapidly create rich user experiences for the web and desktop.

3D, Multimedia, and Dock Controls

Add a cinematic 3D media explorer to your application with a host of new and exciting features and improved performance for an even richer experience. Rebuilt from the ground up, UXFlow is geared toward line-of-business application development with built-in MVVM support, easier data binding, and item templating. The fluid drag and drop feature lets you achieve previously impossible scenarios, such as item rearranging, drag and drop to other visual containers, and much more. The new UXFlow offers visually compelling user interface with highly customizable appearance. Learn more.

Advanced Content Controls

Engage users with great user experiences available in ClientUI’s advanced content controls, ranging from basic items control such as accordion with elegant sliding animation and powerful list box with smooth drag-drop and MVVM support, to an interactive call out, versatile resizable pane, and an elegant navigation pane. Learn more.

Advanced Input Controls

Build rich, interactive form or any other modern user interface development with ClientUI’s rich set of input controls like textbox, combo box, and more. All controls are enhanced with various standard-compliance usability, including the sophisticated focus management, keyboard focus visual, access key, and more. Learn more.

Bar and Menu Controls

ClientUI comes with various bar controls for menu and commands interface, essential in a rich business application, ranging from context menu, menu bar, tool bar, tool group, dropdown and split buttons, separator and much more. Learn more.

Button Controls

ClientUI includes a comprehensive range of command buttons and dropdown buttons for building essential application user interface such as in typical dialogs and input forms. All buttons family comes with elegant Aero-style interface with full support for fundamental features such as routed event, routed command, navigation and MVVM pattern binding.

Standards-compliance usability features are built into the control architecture which includes default focus, keyboard focus visual, access key, and more. The button and dropdown family ranges from fundamental buttons such as command button, toggle button and glass button, to innovative dropdowns such as split button and stack button. Learn more.

Content Controls

Content controls group provides a huge selection of component for rich user interface development, ranging from the essential like group box and expandable group box, to visually-compelling controls such as content projector, content perspective, content reflector and content transition with built-in twelve elegant animations. Learn more.

Data Controls

Intersoft ClientUI includes powerful data controls that let you easily build rich data applications for Silverlight and WPF platforms. The ClientUI data controls are built to adhere to the industry's best practice in design and architecture such as full support for MVVM design pattern. It includes powerful features that enable high-performance data application by taking advantage of server data operation such as server paging and filtering. Learn more.

Data Presentation Controls

UXGridView is a powerful, MVVM-ready data grid control with high-performance virtual data support, customizable editing controls, data aggregation, fluid drag-drop, and moreloading architecture. It includes all features you expected in a standard data grid, plus a host of innovative features exclusive to UXGridView such as server query mode support, MVVM-ready editing architecture, and combobox column with value li. Learn more.

Dock Controls

ClientUI introduces UXDock, a high performance docking navigation control with modern design and sleek animation. One of the most innovative features is the improved fluid background behavior where the dock’s background will be automatically adjusted as the zooming process takes place. Other key features include MVVM binding support, drag and drop, redesigned user interface and a new menu-style stack mode. Learn more.

Data Visualization

Intersoft UXChart is a collection of feature-packed advanced charting control for your Silverlight and WPF business application. Coupled with MVVM-Ready architecture, large data support, rich UX, and blazing-fast performance - UXChart offers unmatched ease-of-use and a multitude of innovative charting features that transform your business presentation to a whole new level. With over 20 chart types and best-in-class user experiences, UXChart lets you easily create gorgeous and interactive charts that meet the most demanding requirements of today's business application. Learn more.

Document Viewers

Intersoft ClientUI provides a collection of high-performance document viewer controls that fully support fixed document and XPS document specification. It facilitates document viewing with sleek user interface and pixel-perfect rendering engine for superior viewing experience.

The document viewers provide rich document viewing features including document zooming, searching, page navigation, text selection, and more. Additionally, support for printing to any installed printers enables users to print out the document with exactly the same layout that appears in the screen. Learn more.

Editor Controls

Intersoft ClientUI provides a collection of advanced and innovative editor controls that provides dynamic data editing for your rich business application needs. Through carefully designed UI for dealing with large amount of queries in mind, the various editor controls may facilitate complex object editing while providing unmatched user experience. Each control is designed to perfection and equipped with MVVM-Ready architecture, customizable elements, and fluid animation transitions. Learn more.

Framework and MVVM

Intersoft ClientUI® is built on the top of powerful framework and standards-compliance architecture enabling various UI challenges to be addressed in an elegant and efficient manner. Many of the frameworks that power ClientUI's controls - such as routed events, routed commands, binding library, drag-drop, MVVM framework and more - are exposed to be available for public use. Learn more.

Input Controls

Build rich, interactive form or any other modern user interface development with ClientUI’s rich set of input controls like textbox, combo box, and more. All controls are enhanced with various standard-compliance usability, including the sophisticated focus management, keyboard focus visual, access key, and more. Learn more.

Layout Panel

Create consistent and professional layout within mouse click convenience with ClientUI. Inside is various controls such as: wrap panel, drag able stack panel, uniform grid panel, and auto fit panels. The DockPanel and WrapPanel offers essential layout support for modern application interface, while UXStackPanel and UXGridPanel provides more advanced features like the smooth visual drag-drop capability, rich user interaction. Learn more.

Navigation Controls

Drive your business applications with powerful and intuitive navigation framework that seamlessly integrated to the browser’s built-in journal button. ClientUI Navigation Framework includes UXFrame as the main navigator component and a multitude of navigation UI controls – from tree view, navigation button, journal button to menu bar and menu item – supporting navigation to both local XAML pages and external download-on-demand XAP package. Learn more.

Ribbon Controls

Intersoft ClientUI® includes a rich and innovative ribbon control packed with a vast array of sophisticated features ranging from built-in button variants, contextual tab, backstage view, to pixel-perfect layout rendering and more. Built from the ground up to create Office’s latest fluent user experiences, Intersoft Ribbon employs modern API and design that directly refers to the Office 2010 specifications. As a result, Intersoft Ribbon is more sophisticated in terms of design, yet fully customizable in terms of usage. Learn more.

Report Viewers

SqlReportViewer is an advanced and feature-rich report viewer control designed for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services. It renders SSRS reports with identical layout and appearance as the report design and supports most report items available in SSRS such as TextBox, Line, Image as well as comprehensive support for Matrix, Table and List (Tablix).


ClientUI Reporting is a full-fledged XAML reporting engine that offers sophisticated viewing experiences, powerful C# style scripting support, and blazing-fast rendering performance to display advanced business reports without performance bottleneck. The built-in report designer enables you to create a stunning report in significantly shorter time with less effort, thanks to the modern WYSIWYG designer surface and comprehensive design tools. Learn more.

Scheduling Controls

Intersoft Schedule View is a high-performance scheduling control for Silverlight and WPF development which provides a multitude of advanced scheduling features such as full MVVM pattern support, extensible view architecture, and integrated navigation interface. In addition to rich features, Intersoft Schedule View also delivers blazing-fast performance – thanks to the smart virtual layout and comprehensive LINQ operation. Learn more.

UI Controls

Deliver amazing user interface on your business application with the rich set of UI library, ranging from essential user information controls such as label, glass label, ellipsis text, progress bar, to advanced UI controls such as image loader, field label and media player. Standards-compliance usability is consistently implemented in to all controls, including the sophisticated focus management. Learn more.

Window Controls

ClientUI’s Window Controls is the best-in-class windowing controls designed with full ISO standards-compliant, enabling consistent and reliable user experiences throughout the application. The UXDesktop, UXWindow and UXDesktopDock works seamlessly together to deliver rich, commercial-class application interfaces, for instances, launching multiple applications in multiple windows, drag and drop objects across the windows and task bar. Learn more.

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