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    The All-new WebUI. Experience It Yourself.
    In 2016 R1, Development, General, WebUI, ASP.NET MVC, New Releases, WebCombo, WebDesktop, WebEssentials, WebGrid, WebInput, WebScheduler, WebTextEditor, WebTreeView, WebUI Studio, WebUI Studio ASP.NET   | No comment
    Our months of hard work finally paid off. It’s finally here. With excellent craftsmanship and fine attention to detail, we’re very proud to announce the all-new and powerful WebU... Read more
  • 09
    New Properties, Events, and Client-side API added in WebTextEditor
    In 2009 R1, Products, Client side API, client-side event, Property, WebTextEditor   | No comment
    As published previously, we have released WebUI Studio 2009 R1 SP1 which includes many enhancements, especially to WebTextEditor and WebScheduler 2. Specifically in WebTextEditor, some new p... Read more
  • 09
    Bind Value to WebTextEditor When Used As Template
    In 2009 R1, Products, Bind data, Edit template, Item template, WebTextEditor   | No comment
    WebTextEditor can be used as editing tool in many scenarios. If you have details view or other data list control, WebTextEditor can be used as the item or edit template and the related data ... Read more
  • 28
    Integrate WebSpellChecker to ASP.NET Controls
    In 2009 R1, Products, ASP.NET Controls Integration, WebSpellChecker, WebTextEditor   | No comment
    In addition to its easy integration with our own WebTextEditor, WebSpellChecker can also be used to target standard ASP.NET controls such as simple textbox, multiline textarea as well as IFR... Read more
  • 14
    Built-in Mail Merge Support in WebTextEditor
    In 2009 R1, Products, Mail merge, Send mail, WebTextEditor   | No comment
    Many people are familiar with Mail Merge feature in Microsoft Word. It is used when you want to send a set of documents that has the same kind of information, but personalized for each recip... Read more
  • 03
    Reduce Page Output in WebTextEditor
    In 2009 R1, page output, Reduce output, toolbar, WebTextEditor   | 1 comments
    In WebTextEditor, there are three kinds of views that have their own set of toolbars, such as Design view, HTML view, and Preview. Each toolbars are created in server-side and then serialize... Read more
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    Easily Integrate WebSpellChecker to WebTextEditor
    In 2009 R1, Products, integration, WebSpellChecker, WebTextEditor   | 3 comments
    WebSpellChecker is designed as a standalone component which you can use independently to target standard ASP.NET controls such as Textbox and IFRAME. In addition, WebSpellChecker can also be... Read more
  • 11
    Introducing Intersoft WebSpellChecker for ASP.NET
    In 2009 R1, Products, UI Components, WebSpellChecker, WebTextEditor   | 2 comments
    An often overlooked new component that we shipped in 2009 is our spell checker component for ASP.NET. So in this post, I decided to write some wrap up on WebSpellChecker, so you can get some... Read more
  • 07
    WebTextEditor Integration with WebFileUploader
    In 2009 R1, Products, integration, WebFileUploader, WebTextEditor   | No comment
    As described in our website, WebTextEditor includes three components: WebTextEditor, WebSpellChecker and WebFileUploader. Besides used as a stand-alone component, each product can be integra... Read more
  • 31
    Introducing Built-in Media Gallery
    In 2009 R1, Products, hierarchy, Media Gallery, WebTextEditor   | 1 comments
    WebTextEditor supports built-in media gallery where user can search for media and insert it into editor. Unlike editor in other products, the media gallery in WebTextEditor is placed in Task... Read more
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