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BUILD 4.0.5000.327
Released on Nov 26, 2015
Automatic view identifier discovery for custom table root view.
Android local notification service now calls AppService OnNotificationReceived.
Android: DateTime picker of Crosslight Form Builder is now scrollable in Lollipop.
iOS: Added new AddStaticView API in view controller, allowing you to easily add a view with fixed position regardless of scrolling.
iOS: Added new TransitionToTransparent API for navigation controller, allowing smooth transition from a colored navigation bar to a fully transparent navigation bar.
iOS: Improved UIDrawerNavigationController with a new AutoDetectChildStatusBarStyle feature.
iOS: Support two-way binding for IsChecked bindable property, enabling the use of toggle mode for UIButton in cell template.
iOS: Support toggle button mode in UIButton through IsChecked bindable property.
List and Custom object serialization support for SQLite
BUILD 4.0.5000.320
Released on Oct 29, 2015
InsertAsync, UpdateAsync, and DeleteAsync methods in IAsyncEditableDataRepository interface are now returning Task instead of void.
Introduce ZoomLevel for Map Settings
iOS: Added new FitItemSizeToSuperview API to UICollectionViewController.
iOS: Improved UICollectionViewController, enabling it to be added as a child controller with automated view life cycle.
iOS: Support IsEnabled binding to UIView
Android: Support late initialization of view pager items
Android: Support late initialization of tab items
Static event handler on DelegateCommand is not raised in certain platforms.
BUILD 4.0.5000.313
Released on Sep 29, 2015
Added new constructor overload that accepts owner ViewModel to support nested ViewModel scenarios
SavedEntities will always be returned when using FromClient synchronization mode
Fix synchronization issue when paging is enabled.
Introduce LastFetchedEntities and TotalFetchedEntities property in SynchronizationUserInfo
Introduce PagedSynchronizationEvent
RestServiceEventSource now handles synchronization exception
LocalEntityEventSource now only logs entity keys instead of saved entity at OnSaveError
Fix Entity Container Issue (Dependent is Added Before Principal)
Fix Write Log to File Issue
Fix Write Synchronization Info Issue
DataSamples improvement: Show toolbar only when editing mode is initiated from Edit button, not swipe gesture.
DataSample improvement: Reset SelectedItems when user pressed "Done" in Multiple Delete sample.
Automatically toggle editing mode when user performs swipe-to-delete action.
Programmatically change SelectedItem Property doesn't update TableView in Standard Interaction Mode.
iOS 9 Support
TableViewInteraction.Navigation, caused error when Navigating in iOS 7.1
Fix missing image of "Flash" and "Cancel" button in Barcode-reader
iOS Storyboard not loaded when set on RootViewModel and Drawer Center viewmodel
Introducing CellTemplateSelector in TableViewController to support different cell template based on custom logic.
Bullet Page Indicator throws error division by zero when pair with ViewPager that doesn't have items initially.
Call GetSingleAsync in RestRepository without includes parameter throw null reference
Adding Contact MobileServices
Enable swipe-gesture in MultipleDelete on iOS 7
Programmatically change SelectedItems property in ViewModel doesn't reflect the TableView in editing mode.
Incremental loading retrieves data correctly when using dynamic table height feature


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BUILD 3.0.5000.231
Released on Apr 29, 2015
Fix error when saving related entities.
Add UIButton CommandProperty binding in custom UICarouselViewCell
Fix image duplication on UITableViewCell which has more than one ImageView.
Support binding to multiple ImageView in iOS custom table cell
Fix styles binding during update which affects other items in grouped condition.
Improved iOS Resizable TextView ResponderAccessory to support iOS 7.1
BUILD 3.0.5000.226
Released on Mar 27, 2015
Prevent image flickering when loading local image
ImagePicker is not set back to placeholder when the image source is deleted
Image is not transitioned properly when adding new item to ListView
Whenever AutoCompleteTextView was selected and user use auto rotation, app will crash and exit.
When navigating to same view model (but with different identifier) using drawer navigation, it won't navigate.
When navigating to same view model (but with different identifier) using drawer navigation, it won't navigate.
UITableViewController: Support Command binding to UIButton in group header/footer template.
UICollectionViewController: Support Command binding to UIButton within item template and group header/footer template.
When using dynamic table height feature, incremental loading incorrectly retrieves data multiple times.
Selected index out of range exception occurred when all items were deleted in table view.
Add LED, default notification sound and vibration to Android ScheduleLocalNotification.
Self navigation doesn't work when using UINestedMasterViewController.
RestClient failed to deserialize collection with target type List<object>
Fix Request Url when using ServiceDescriptor and QueryDefinition together
Implement ImageSettings(ImageSize and CornerRadius) for ImageMemberPath on Android ListActivity and ListFragment
Android Location Service not updating the location properly.
EntityContext deleted after creating Intersoft Entity Data Model
Detail section still shows deleted item in WebAPI-enabled Inventory Tracker sample.
BUILD 3.0.5000.199
Released on Feb 27, 2015
iOS Templates with XIB has incorrect class name placeholder.
In EditableListViewModelBase, the OnDataChanged call will no longer throw an exception when Items is null.
iOS Table View Controller Template has incorrect Register attribute.
FilterDescriptor with DateTime value now produces date format that complies with OData specification.
Android LocationService returns wrong longitude and latitude.
Prevent Android FormBuilderSamples from crash when press Save button or navigate back.
Prevent Android MapSamples from crash when there is no internet connection
BackgroundColor is not applied to Label when bound to the UI through StyleAttributes property.
BackgroundColor not working when applied to Label.
Fix Read-only TextField FormBuilder on Android can be edited.
UIDrawerNavigation is now improved to be backward compatible with iOS 7 while preserving the blur transition feature for both iOS 7 and 8.
TimePicker appearance should follow the specified app theme.
Fix cross thread access issue in ListView (Synchronization).
Failed to retrieve item index in ListView.
DateTimePicker and TimePicker value is not bound properly.
Title in ActionBar is not displayed properly when using Fragment.
New component: Advanced FusedLocationProvider for location service.
New component: GridFragment.
BUILD 2.0.5000.95
Released on Sep 30, 2014
ListFragment layout cannot be customized
ImageLoaderService now supports loading image from local storage.
ImageLoaderService now supports loading image from assembly.
iOS 8 support
The "Navigation With Parameter" sample does not work properly in ServicesSamples.
MediaService causes memory leak after consecutive tries.
Post to Facebook does not work properly in ServicesSamples.
Dispose method is not called in DrawerActivity.
In ViewPager, the data specified in the NavigationItem is not passed to child ViewModel.
Provide mechanism to pass a collection of binding contexts to ItemBindingAdapter
Improved async image loader performance.
Add item binding support for TextBox.
Add item binding support for CheckBox.
Utilize SwipeRefreshLayout for Pull-to-Refresh.
Introduce FormFragment to support form builder in FragmentActivity.
Improve Get and Set value mechanism in BindingAdapter.
WinRT SQLite service not properly initialized.
Add ServiceInitializer for Win8 SQLite Service
Fix launch modal activity issue (FragmentActivity only support 16bit request code)
Toast Presenter orientation is incorrect after rotated.
Delete button shouldn't be displayed when there is no image in Windows Phone sample.
Improved binding performance, up to 4x faster
Introduce DialogFragment for better dialogs rotation handling.
Add MasterDetailFragment generic variant to support custom content navigation.
Re-evaluate Context usage in MobileServices.
BUILD 2.0.5000.78
Released on Aug 29, 2014
Hide delete command in ImagePicker when there is no image attached
Calling GetSingleAsync method on IDataRepository will throw "Entity with type 'Type' is not registered." exception in certain circumstances, particularly when the entity has not been initialized.
Option menu bindings are not registered in TabActivity.
In Multi Page control, the parameter.Data specified in the NavigationItem is not available in the Navigated event of ViewModel.
Value converter is not triggered when the bound value is null.
Crosslight's SQLite is always returning null values on byte array fields
Unable to save image in Edit Profile of Business Project Template
Improved resource cache service performance when frequently looking for a cache item in a large list.
RestClient now properly throws cancelled exception when the request is cancelled programmatically.
Support Facebook 2.0 App-Scoped ID
Repository in data view models is no longer re-instantiated whenever the property is accessed.
Fine-tuned image binding performance in UITableView, particularly when displaying placeholder.
Major performance improvement in ImageLoader service by re-engineering the asynchronous implementation with Grand Central Dispatch (GCD).
Introduced IViewModelBinder interface to provide a way for direct binding between View, ViewModel and Model.
Placemark and its related classes now implement INotifyPropertyChanged to support data binding.
ImagePicker fails to show the image in Inventory Tracker (XML) sample
PlacemarkAddress ToString() method returns wrong text
ImageLoader service now supports force loading from disk cache by enabling the ForceLoadDiskCache property in the passed image loader settings.
RestClient now automatically detects absolute URI associated to the given RestRequest.
ActionPresenter now supports async method for the Show methods.
Support Stored Procedure select mode in REST repository.
Entity Container now support relationship management where the related entity does not have navigation property to the origin entity.
Add GenerateController property for Stored Procedure controller at EDM Designer Extensions
Implement authorize configuration for Stored Procedure controller at EDM Designer Extensions
Added missing "using" when generating entity controller for stored procedure.
Callback function never called after sending a mail (Android)
Deserialized date is not converted to local timezone properly when using data repository in Enterprise App Framework.
Auto detect row height from cell template based on the XIB
Fixed iOS serialization issue in reporting service
The loading time to get "Is Intersoft Site Reachable" takes too long.
The loading time to "Show Intersoft Solutions in Map" is to long.
ScheduleLocalNotification method in NotificationService doesn't honor the given scheduled date value.
New iOS Component: Keyboard Input View
Pull to refresh takes very long time to refresh and blocks all input in WebAPI-enabled Inventory Tracker sample.
Unable to save image/file to disk in Entity Controller (WebApi).
Image file caching not working after image editing.
BUILD 2.0.5000.61
Released on Jun 30, 2014
Fix passing custom data in navigation parameter to navigated method when navigated using navigation item (iOS)
Navigate from split page is now full screen when page is root view (Win RT)
Combo Box builder parameter is no longer null (WinPhone)
Fix Activity presenter unhandled exception win32 (Win RT)
Implement context menu (WinPhone)
Implement MaxAttribute for validation (Core)
Implement MinAttribute for validation (Core)
Implement load PrerequisiteData in DataListViewModel (Core)
ComboBox now works with async load data process (WinPhone)
Contextual action bar is now closed after deleting multiple items (Android)
Fix replacing existing entity in EntityContainer with one-to-one relationship (Core Services)
Performing modal navigation on UINestedMasterDetailViewController inadvertently call the Dispose method of the active view controllers (iOS)
The Navigated method of ViewModel is no longer called twice when presented in UINestedMasterDetailViewController (iOS)
DateAndTimePicker editor is now supported in Form Builder (Win Phone)
TimePicker is now supported in Form Builder (WinPhone)
Modal window is now presented in full screen when using split page (Win RT)
DateTimePicker is now rendered correctly (Android)
Full data refresh no longer show activity presenter since the pull-to-refresh view already includes a built-in loading indicator (Android, Frameworks, iOS, WinPhone)
Added TrackRelatedEntityChanges property in DataEditorViewModelBase. When enabled, all navigation properties in the entity will be automatically tracked during editing. (Frameworks)
Form Builder now takes account NavigationTargetKind defined in NavigateAction attribute. (iOS)
UINestedMasterDetailViewController now support deep navigation in detail content. (iOS)
Pull To Refresh is no longer trigger load on demand (Android)
"Buddy" metadata in entity model is now supports validation (Core, Data)
Performing navigation after pull refresh operation is no longer causing exception (iOS)
ComboBox control builder doesn't take account the navigation parameter when navigated (WinPhone)
Added UINestedMasterDetailViewController generic variant to support custom content navigation (iOS)
Loading indicator in DataListViewModelBase is now displayed within the view by default (Frameworks)
Added async methods for IMessagePresenter, INavigationService, and IMobileComponentService (Core)
Refactored account and user service to support single sign-on authentication scoped to a particular application (Frameworks)
Added ServiceDescriptor to DataListViewModelBase for named query support (Frameworks)
Activity presenter can now be shown within the view content, in addition to floating popup (Core, iOS)
UITableViewController displayed at incorrect offset when used together with Navigation Drawer and Allow Searching is enabled (iOS)
UITableViewController randomly calls Dispose method twice when searching is enabled (iOS)
Support CommandBindingAttribute for text editor in form builder (iOS)
Support batch updates with smooth animation in sorted collection (iOS)
The status bar appearance in UINavigationDrawer doesn't honor the translucent settings during initial load (iOS)
Application is no longer crashes when tab activity or tab fragment is put on background and resumed (Android)
Fix ActivityPresenter lifecycle which may cause ActivityPresenter fails to show
BUILD 2.0.5000.52
Released on May 23, 2014
Activity Presenter closes along Action Presenter (iOS)
Fix regression in access modifier (Android)
UICollectionView is no longer crashed during navigation when it's contained in UITabBarController. (iOS)
UICollectionView is positioned correctly behind navigation bar when contained in UIDrawerNavigation and nested in UITabBarController. (iOS)
Application no longer crashes when tab activity or tab fragment is put on background and resumed (Android)
Cancel button is expectedly shown in UIFormViewController when navigated with push navigation inside modal context (iOS)
Add Background support for Views (Android)
Application no longer crashes during Select operation on SQLite Android in Release mode (Data)
No transparent area in the status bar when entering search mode in UITableViewController. (iOS)
Android stability (Android)
Added OnSelectedIndexChanging and OnSelectedIndexChanged to MultiPageViewModelBase (Core)
Add EmptyListViewLayoutId for ListFragment and ListActivity (Android)
UITabBarController now can host UICollectionViewController (iOS)
UITabBarController disposes ViewModel correctly (iOS)
Can search using custom cell template (iOS)
ActivityPresenter with Large style indicator with text now works correctly (iOS)
TabFragment or TabActivity now triggers ViewModel Navigated event (Android)
UIMasterDetailViewControler no longer triggers ViewModel's constructor twice (iOS)
UITabBarController now triggers Navigated on navigating to a ViewModel hosted inside the MultiPageViewModelBase (iOS)
ListView selected state now is reflected correctly after clicked (Android)
Search now is working correctly for ListFragment hosted in MasterDetailFragment (Android)


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BUILD 1.0.5000.1
Released on Oct 02, 2013
iOS: Added full iOS 7 support
iOS: Compiled on Xamarin.iOS 7.0
iOS: Major improvements on Form Builder to adhere the new design guidelines introduced in iOS 7 while maintaining backward compatibility with iOS 6
iOS: Added support for dynamic circle mask for image field in Form Builder
iOS: Date picker, time picker and picker components are now default to inline display when running on iOS 7
iOS: Improved auto-resizing textview editor to work consistently across all supported screen resolutions in iOS
iOS: Added TintColor property to the UIApplicationDelegate class
iOS: Improved overall performance and reduced memory footprint
Android: Changed access modifier of PresenterBase to protected internal
Android: Fixed camera services and video services not retrieving media url properly
Android: Added DrawerActivity for navigation drawer
Android: Moved FastScrollAlwaysVisible and FastScrollEnabled to ListFragment and ListActivity
Android: Added FastScrollLetters feature to ListActivity and ListFragment
Android: SearchScope is now optional when using SearchableListActivity and SearchableListFragment
Android: Improvements to camera service to return full and thumbnail sized images
WinPhone: Fixed image picker attribute usage and supports editable attribute
WinPhone: Added Windows Phone flipping style as the default page navigation style to improve user experiences
Win8: Improved nested navigation to support a scenario when the previous navigation item is no longer valid due to item deletion
Win8: Applied Windows 8 style page navigation transition by default when using push navigation mode
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