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BUILD 8.0.5000.5
Released on Apr 30, 2013
UXDataComboBox: Text is not resetted in UXDataComboBox when it's bound to navigation property
UXPasswordBox: Now supports two way binding on the Password property
ClientUI: Officially supports Devforce 2012
ClientUI: Includes compatibility DevForce provider which allows you to target DevForce 2012 while using the older DevForce 2010 API
BUILD 8.0.5000.4
Released on Mar 22, 2013
UXGridView: UXGridView now shows new items correctly with command button if new row position is at bottom
UXGridView: Cell template is no longer shown in empty row
UXGridView: Cell template is no longer shown in new row
UXGridView: Can collapse validation result message through the new ErrorStatusVisibility property
UXGridView: Exporting no longer cause "Dialog must user-initiated" error
UXRadioButton: UXRadioButton with the same GroupName now deselects other radio buttons inside UXGridViewCell template
UXChart: Charting View is viewed correctly in the scrolled size when EnableZoomBox is true
UXDesktopDockButton: UXDesktopDockButton no longer causes exception when StackMode is set to GridStyle and Visibility of UXStackItem is set to Collapsed
UXDocumentViewer: Switching from "Fit Page to Width" into "Fit Page to Height" mode now works properly in all scenarios
BUILD 8.0.5000.3
Released on Feb 27, 2013
UXGridView: Error no longer occured when opening UXDataComboBox dropdown in UXGridView new row
UXGridView: The red-mark validation error UI is now removed correctly when the ValidationErrors is empty
UXGridView: Scrollbar now automactically showed in UXGridView when the rows are exceed the browser size
UXGridView: Reject changes now works properly if the new row position is at bottom
UXGridView: The cell is now marked properly when set ValidatesOnNotifyDataErrors property
UXGridView: ValidatesOnNotifyDataErrors now focuses properly into the correct cell
UXGridView: Update state is called properly in current cell when clicking button in the next cell
UXGridView: UXGridView can filter FieldName that is different from the primary and foreign Key
UXMenu: UXMenu WPF renders the pop up identically like rendering in Silverlight
UXMenu: UXMenu is rendered properly during resize scenario in WPF
UXChart: X Axis position shows correctly after resize windows in zooming scenario
UXFlowDocumentViewer: Toogled style is rendered properly after swicthing the window state (WPF)
UXDataTimePicker: Support empty value by using FooterVisibility
BUILD 8.0.5000.2
Released on Jan 30, 2013
UXGridView: When the row is validated, no new row is allowed to be created
UXGridView: Insert a new row will no longer cause error when UXGridView doesn't contain data initially and AutoGenerateColumns property is set to false
UXRibbonBar: Improved performance and memory usage – quick access toolbar and application menu are no longer created when they are not needed
UXDataComboBox: Auto select first item now works properly when there is only one match in the result
UXDataComboBox: Pressing Escape no longer causing requery
UXDataComboBox: Error no longer occurred when DisplayMemberPath is set to nested property path
UXComboBox: Error no longer occurred when DisplayMemberPath is set to nested property path
UXFlowDocumentViewer: UXFlowDocumentViewer (WPF) no longer causing exception when switched from ScrollView into PageView
UXRibbon: UXRibbonButton (WPF) now renders correctly as in Silverlight
SQLReportViewer: Text is now automatically aligned based on data type
SQLReportViewer: Spacing rendering is now identical to the RDL design or exporting output
SQLReportViewer: Table border rendering is now identical to the RDL design
SQLReportViewer: Hidden parameter now works perfectly as defined in RDL design
SQLReportViewer: Supports binding value to second parameter
SQLReportViewer: SQLReportViewer now persists the control parameter type in Report application
UXGridView: Validation error now works as expected
UXGridView: Removing separator in context menu no longer throws null reference error


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BUILD 7.0.5000.2
Released on Jul 27, 2012
UXCurrencyEditor now works correctly when the value is rounded by string format (E.g 1234.114, with format C2 or N2)
UXGridView: Error is no longer occurred during grouping when UXGridViewColumn is bound to a partial property(SortMemberPath is already defined)
UXGridView: GroupHeader is now showing display name when available
UXGridView: Navigation now works properly in UXGridView template cell hyperlink or navigation button
UXGridView: Scrollbar now works properly in freezing Columns scenario when navigate from last column into first column in next using Tab key
UXGridView: Defined SortDescriptors is now persisted after loaded
UXGridView: Layout cycle issue no longer occurred when resizing grid with EmtpyRowVisibility enabled
UXTab: UXTabItem content now shows properly after select UXComboBox value inside UXTabItem Content
UXComboBox: Selection Items now persists correctly when navigate between UXTabItems
UXPasswordBox: Password value is now reflected properly when user types in the UXPasswordBox control
UXNumericUpDown: Value is now changed from UXNumericUpDown without need to LostFocus
UXNumericUpDown: Value is now automatically persisted without need to LostFocus
UXDocumentViewer: Height renders correctly when set NavigationPaneVisibilty Collapsed
UXWindow: UXWindow is now positioned correctly when initially WindowStartupLocation is set to "CenterScreen"
UXWindow: Application is no longer hang when open UXWindow with LaunchApplication command
UXSplitButton: UXSplitButton’s OnClick event is triggered only when clicked in the control
FocusManager: Now works properly when execute via command
UXGridView: CheckBox in UXGridViewSelectColumn now only works for current page in paging scenario
UXStackItem: The enabled state is now working as expected when using the LaunchApplication command
UXTab: Application no longer hung when changing UXTabItem after selecting data in UXComboBox (WPF)
UXGridView: SelectedItems are now cleared when navigates to the other page
UXGridView: Added Culture property
UXGridView: Ability to focus UXGridView using Tab key when UXGridView is empty and new row is visible


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BUILD 6.0.5000.4
Released on Apr 23, 2012
SQLReportViewer: Image is now correctly loaded when using expression
UXGridView: Implement Hyperlink Column type for WPF
BUILD 6.0.5000.3
Released on Mar 22, 2012
SQLReportViewer: Image position is now placed properly when switching between pages
CursorManager no longer raises an error when the window is being hovered or clicked
UXGridView: Now supports binding for Column header
UXGridView: Footer is now updated properly when BatchUpdate is turned off
UXClock: Improved performance for UXClock when using AutoUpdate feature through the new AutoUpdateTimeout property
UXRibbonBar: Set IsExpanded property to false is no longer causing an exception in UXRibbonBar
UXGridView: Context menu now shows properly in UXGridView
GridPresenter: Addressed numerous memory leak issues in GridPresenter
UXFileUpload: UploadCompleted event is now triggered properly when UXFileUpload finished uploading a file
UXFileUpload: File corruption no longer occured during large file transfer in UXFileUpload
SqlReportViewer: Now displays more user-friendly errors with default link to Intersoft KB article


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BUILD 5.0.5000.4
Released on Aug 24, 2011
UXWindow: Showing UXWindow in standalone mode no longer throws an exception.
UXGridView: Read-only columns are now not editable using the context menu (#1012).
UXTabControl: In WPF application, the value of DataContext is now properly passed to the content in UXTabControl (#1043).
UXDialogBox: When nested in third level, UXDialogBox can now be displayed properly (#1048).
UXWindow/UXDialogBox: Window or dialog box is now properly centered in standalone mode although the WindowStartupLocation property is already set to CenterOwner/CenterParent (#1049).
UXScrollBar: In WPF application, exception is no longer thrown when hosted in a UXWindow with classic visual theme (#1050).
BUILD 5.0.5000.3
Released on Jul 28, 2011
Enhancement: UXScrollViewer now respects handled keyboard-related routed event which improves user experiences for certain input controls that already handle the scrolling behavior.
Enhancement: Support for nested UXDialogBox in the standalone mode (without UXDesktop).
Enhancement: Added several layout properties to the UXPage for automatic window host integration such as WindowMinHeight, WindowMaxHeight and so forth.
Enhancement: Added support for absolute path source in XPSDocumentViewer.
Enhancement: ContentTransition control now plays Fading animation smoothly when the PerformAnimationOnLoad property is set to true and TransitionDuration is set to > 1s.
Enhancement: UXTreeViewItem is now properly synchronized when the UXPage is loaded externally such as from browser's bookmark or address bar.
Binding to the Visibility property of UXToolBarButton/UXDockButton is now persisted after the button is clicked (#988).
In XPSDocumentViewer, the Copy button in toolbar now copies the first character of the highlighted text (#1015).
When PagerDisplayMode in UXGridView is set to either PreviousNextNumeric or FirstLastPreviousNextNumeric, the arrow paging buttons in UXGridView are now synchronized with the selected page (#1016).
When AllowNull is enabled in UXCurrencyEditor and the value is deleted using backspace key, the last numeric value will be deleted as well (#1019).
KeyUp and KeyDown gestures now works in UXGridView when it is placed inside UXScrollViewer (#1029).
BUILD 5.0.5000.2
Released on Jun 16, 2011
Enhancement: Supports Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Beta 2.
Enhancement: Implemented a fully-functional event aggregator to simplify communication across multiple View Models.
Enhancement: Added full native query support for DevForce 6.1.0.
Enhancement in UXFrame: Supports navigation to an external UXPage with authentication enabled.
Enhancement in UXFrame: Added new UriMappingScope property to support local URI mapping definition in an externally loaded application package (XAP).
Enhancement in UXGridView: Added Hyperlink column type in UXGridViewColumn.
Enhancement in UXGridView: Added CanUserBatchUpdate property that determines whether batch update feature is enabled.
Enhancement in UXMenuBar: Added NavigateUri property for navigation purpose.
Enhancement in XPSDocumentViewer: Added search-on-demand feature which work together with background loading.
Enhancement in XPSDocumentViewer: Added document streaming feature, allowing large XPS documents to be retrieved instantly.
UXWindow: Fixed critical memory leak issue.
UXGridView: Selected rows now return the correct collection (#979).
UXGridView: When AutoGenerateColumn is enabled and users select a row, UXGridView will not refresh itself automatically.
UXGridView: When UXGridViewExpanderColumn is used and IsBusy is enabled, 'Cannot resolve TargetName StylishLabel' error will not occur (#996).
UXGridView: When DevForce trigger verification is used, UXGridView will not freeze.
UXStackButton now renders correctly when using RightToLeft flow direction (#965).
UXNavigationButton: In WPF application, the value of ExtraData parameter in OnNavigatedTo event is now available (#982).
UXWindow: The cursor will not be set to resize cursor after restored from UXDock (#1003).


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BUILD 4.0.5000.4
Released on Feb 23, 2011
Enhancement: Improved memory management for all ClientUI controls (Silverlight and WPF).
Enhancement: ContentTransition now supports lazy loading when SetContent is called before the control template is applied.
Enhancement: Supports navigation to external application package which contains nested frame (WPF).
Null value can now be set as the initial value of UXDateTimePicker (#902).
Null value can now be set as the initial value of UXNumericUpDown (#917).
The Back button of UXJournalButton can now navigate to empty Uri (WPF) (#905).
When IsSaveMasked property is disabled at runtime in UXMaskedInput, the mask value is now removed from the input value (#911).
The value of UXDateTimeUpDown can now be updated when IsEditable property is set to false (#916).
Custom style of UXRatingItem is now applied in UXRating (#918).
KeyNotFoundException error will not occur when using UXSearchBox in WPF (#920).
NavigationContextExtended.QueryString is now populated when the page was navigated from an external application through ClientUI application framework (#926).
BUILD 4.0.5000.3
Released on Jan 21, 2011
Enhancement: UXHyperlinkButton now supports data binding on the Content property, and improved text rendering when ShowUnderline is enabled.
Enhancement: Changing ItemsSource now properly reflecting the UI of the SelectedValue in UXComboBox.
Enhancement: WindowTitle, WindowWidth and WindowHeight properties in UXPage are now applied to WPF Window.
Enhancement: UXHyperlinkButton now supports external URIs in Silverlight out-of-browser application.
Enhancement: Added DropItems property in all draggable controls that will be filled with dropped items object.
Enhancement: Added NavigationState dependency property to support nested navigation in Silverlight out-of-browser and WPF application.
Enhancement: Supports external application package in ClientUI navigation framework (WPF).
Enhancement: ClientUI navigation framework in WPF now supports global navigation state to match Silverlight's browser capability.
Enhancement: ClientUI navigation framework in WPF now supports child navigation, virtual URI and navigation to external assembly/zip package.
UXWindow will not throw an exception when the WindowStartupLocation property is set to CenterScreen (#854).
Navigating to a XAML using UXDesktopDockButton now works properly (#856).
Calling Focus method on UXPasswordBox before Loaded event will not throw an exception (#877).
Navigation Framework (UXFrame) will not throw an error in WPF desktop project (#869).
Error will not occur when performing drag drop action using right click (#884).


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BUILD 3.0.5000.12
Released on Nov 16, 2010
Enhancement: Supports Page Authentication for multi roles.
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