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    Getting Started with Premier Studio 2016
    In 2016 R1, ClientUI, Crosslight, Development, Products, Reference Samples, WebUI, Get Started, Premier Studio 2016, Samples, Silverlight, WebUI Studio, WPF   | No comment
    In our past releases, getting started with Intersoft Premier Studio was quite inconvenience and tedious. With tons of shortcuts to choose from, you can be easily confused where to start from... Read more
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    Premier Studio 2016 is here.
    In 2016 R1, announcement, ClientUI, Crosslight, Products, WebUI, New Releases, WebUI Studio   | No comment
    The wait is over! Premier Studio 2016 is here, our biggest and most revolutionary release since Intersoft was established. Our team worked very hard to ensure the best quality of the product... Read more
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    A Closer Look at Premier Studio 2016
    In 2016 R1, ClientUI, Crosslight, Development, WebUI, Android Material, Premier Studio, WebUI Studio ASP.NET   | No comment
    In this first post of the year, I’d like to share something fresh and exciting for all of you. As you might have aware, we’ve been working hard on a big release since the past few months. It... Read more
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    A Sneak Peek at ClientUI vNext
    In 2015 R2, Development, Roadmap, ClientUI, Silverlight, WPF   | 2 comments
    While most of our recent blog posts were targeting Crosslight, that doesn’t mean we forget our other lineups. Quite the contrary, we will have big updates to all our lineups in the upc... Read more
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    Video Tutorial: Creating Your First Crosslight App
    In 2014 R1, Development, Products, Android, ClientUI, Crosslight, iOS, MVVM, Reporting   | No comment
    For those of you new to cross-platform development, fear not. Crosslight is here to the rescue. Building cross-platform apps has never been easier using Crosslight. Crosslight is a cross-pla... Read more
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    Video Tutorial: Getting Started with Crosslight Reporting Service
    In 2014 R1, Development, Products, Android, ClientUI, Crosslight, iOS, MVVM, Reporting   | No comment
    Crosslight 2 provides a capability to view enterprise reports across multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8. The reporting services is built upon the company&... Read more
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    Coming in 2014 R1: ClientUI Reporting 2.0
    In 2013 R2, Development, Products, ClientUI, Report Designer, Reporting   | No comment
    Ever since we released the first version of ClientUI Reporting in 2013 R1, we continuously shaped up the entire reporting lineup with significant enhancements and new exciting features. With... Read more
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    Create a Simple Report with Intersoft ClientUI Reporting
    In 2013 R1, Products, ClientUI, Reporting, Silverlight   | 2 comments
    In the previous posts, I’ve wrote about the overview and features of our new ClientUI reporting lineup. Now that we’ve released the Reporting lineup, you can download a copy of the new 2013 ... Read more
  • 01
    ClientUI Reporting is Coming in 2013 R1 – Part 2
    In 2013 R1, Development, ClientUI, Report Designer, Reporting, Silverlight   | 3 comments
    As we are heading toward R1 release, you may expect to hear more about ClientUI Reporting. Continued from my previous post, I will expose some interesting features in our Report Designer whi... Read more
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    ClientUI Reporting is Coming in 2013 R1
    In 2013 R1, Development, Products, ClientUI, Reporting, Silverlight, WebUI Studio, WPF   | 2 comments
    As announced in our roadmap here, we’re going to introduce new major lineup for Silverlight and WPF in the coming release. A standalone reporting product is something that we’ve been working... Read more
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