VDI by Verizon Maryland

VDI (Verizon DSL Information) is a real-time internet status monitoring and technical ticketing management application. Used world-wide across the nation-wide Verizon Maryland's internet network coverage, it provides a full-featured, rich web-based customer relationship management (CRM) application.
The application provides complete information on a specific customer on the time they contact the call center by pulling the data from various external systems and databases through web services. When required, operator may also issues a technical ticket to handle customer’s complaints and difficulties and even follow-up on it in the next few hours.

Rich Desktop-Like Web-Based Application

The fact that most phone operators aren’t tech savvy individuals is one of the biggest obstacles in building VDI. The project outcome must be a robust application fetching data through web services with hyper-fast searching logic and advanced ticketing management wrapped in an intuitive desktop user interface.

With WebDesktop suite from WebUI Studio, Verizon’s developers can fully concentrate on writing the programming logic and leave the design masterpiece to the inspiring components available in WebDesktop. Extending the MDI concept, WebDesktopManager allows developer to quickly build a custom windowing interface in mere minutes and WebPaneManager simplifies the complex UI arrangement in a few mouse clicks and properties set. The result is an outstanding presentation with vivid desktop experience running perfectly in various major browsers.

Interactive Push Message System

Being able to follow-up on a customer’s complaint in timely fashion is one of the key successes in an ideal customer service model. WebNotification fits in the requirement perfectly – delivering real-time push message system from server to client. Driven by Intersoft’s mature AJAX architecture, OnTheFlyPostBack™, WebNotification keeps users informed with important notifications and messages.

Bundled with the user friendly Component Designer 2, using WebNotification is truly a breeze, a completely codeless task. Couple it with rich feature such as built-in context menu, actionable notification, audio visual notification effects, and more – WebNotification handles all complex real-world scenarios elegantly.

Sophisticated and Interactive Data Reporting

One of the most fundamental functionalities in VDI is a comprehensive data reporting functionality – displaying all support tickets based on user specified duration. Without WebUI Studio, Verizon developers need to go through the hard steps – spending weeks and months just to develop and implement the custom reporting.

WebGrid Enterprise is the Verizon’s solution for building advanced data reporting. Its powerful out-of-the-box features enables developers to easily create sophisticated data reporting with only some property sets. The vast array of data source support gives maximum flexibility to connect to the preferred database without any difficulties. The built-in exporting lets users quickly save the current view and share it with the management executives. And the best of all, VDI’s sophisticated reporting service is completed in just 1 day, which would definitely take days – or weeks – without Intersoft’s WebGrid.

WebGrid’s built-in Pivot Chart feature lets Verizon’s user visualize the tabular data in interactive charts – making the most of their data. With zero development effort, Verizon’s users are empowered with rich, enterprise-class data visualization such as 50 impressive chart types to choose from, drag-and-drop support, Microsoft Office-style ribbon bar, and more.

Extraordinary ComboBox

Intersoft’s WebCombo is used extensively throughout the application to replace traditional dropdown list and textbox, for example, in search module or data entry form. One of our most favorite WebCombo’s features is to dynamically add a new item in runtime. This ability enables us to develop a textbox look-a-like with tracking features. When user searches for a customer based on a telephone number, the search history is automatically saved for future reference.

WebCombo is also used in the “New Ticket” screen – showing all available data time slots and selecting the nearest service center. Unlike any available combo boxes, the multiple columns enables user to see multiple information in a single WebCombo instance. The integration to WebMenu allows developer to deliver a unique drop-down experience in a hierarchical presentation mode.

VDI (Verizon DSL Information) from Verizon Maryland Inc, part of the large Verizon Communications Inc., is a 100% Web-based applications designed to help call-center operator for pulling all customer information based on a phone number search.


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Industry: Telecommunication

With almost zero development effort and minimum learning curve, WebGrid Enterprise gives us the power to deliver professional and powerful data analysis tool – far beyond our expectation. Not to mention the marvelous support team standing by to give you a satisfying solution even for the toughest question. It’s like having an extra developer in our team.

Andre T. DaMattia
Manager NPCC, Verizon Maryland
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