Next-level Field Service.

Crafted with perfection, the high-performance Traknus Rapid Service app provided mechanics with the power to tackle work orders with accountability and simplicity, delivering greater satisfaction for customers.
The app integrates with existing CRM and SAP infrastructures, allowing higher executives to keep track of their employees' performance and provide objective evaluation with ease.
Greatly simplified inputs allow the management to obtain meaningful field data never possible before with traditional desktop approach.

Partner in Progress.

As a renowned partner in providing end-to-end services for industrial equipments and machinery in Indonesia, Traktor Nusantara always strives to improve its work efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

Since 1974, they have served a multitude of customers ranging from various industries, providing a broad range of heavy industrial equipments. As customer base grows, they have built an integrated SAP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration systems that has allowed them to gather various information regarding their unit populations and customers.

Gather information on the field.

However, as time progresses, their needs increases as they wanted to track how effective the work orders and the performance of the mechanics. This is where mobile app comes to play.

Envisioning a next-level workflow where mobile app is the primary source of input when working in the field, they contacted us. After evaluating various potential vendors and competitors, they chose us to be the partner they trust in building their next-generation app. And they surely have made the right decision.

Streamlined workflow.

As a long established company, Traktor Nusantara has one of the most complex of business operations. Each unit has to go through several business processes that starts from SAP and ends in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

After the work order is produced, it will be dispatched to mechanics. Mechanics will then perform various tasks on the device, such as status updates, report inputs, request and returning parts, taking pictures, pinpoint unit location, calling customers directly, map navigation, up until the work order is done.

Meticulously designed.

Strong company branding, high-res artworks, pixel perfect layouting, sleek animations., simplified inputs. These are just some of the products as a result of a meticulously designed app.

As the users of this app will vary from age to age, we need to come up with a design that is both modern and enjoyable to use. After continuous iterative meetings, we have come up with a design that we think works best for the mechanics. Let’s see how we tackle these challenges.

Key Design Principles

To design an app that is truly Traktor Nusantara's, we included major defining elements such as the color blue and red to the app, also adding a touch of green, as it reflects the eco-friendly culture of the company.

Easy Navigation.

The most fundamental principle of building a user-friendly app is defining clear navigation scheme for your users. since the app has several major components, such as dashboard, work order list, knowledge base and voice of customer, we decided to incorporate them inside the most commonly used navigation in modern apps, which is the navigation drawer. the ease of access provides quick navigation for mechanics to perform various tasks around the app.


When using the app, the mechanic should be able to track his own performance to see how well he's doing during his entire career. The dashboard point view allows a mechanic to perform self-evaluation easily, which can be easily hidden by a tap of a button. This is very crucial as it concerns the privacy of the mechanic himself. This is also the bar that decides on the bread-and-butter of mechanic, which is evaluated on a monthly basis.

Rich information.

As work orders are the heart of the app, we designed the a very detailed work order list so that the mechanic can obtain meaningful information with a quick glance. The fluid and smooth scrolling experience in work order list allows for the mechanic to quickly identify which work orders should be done next, allowing for a more efficient workflow.

Information-packed tabs.

As work orders are densely packed with information, we decided to logically classify each of commonly-grouped information into tabs, which results in each becoming representative of what information they contain. This allows mechanics to quickly search for customer information, work order information, task information, parts information and last work order information in one place, without being cluttered.

Technical Features

In addition to beautiful design, Traknus Rapid Service is empowered using our own revolutionary mobile enterprise framework, Crosslight. Let's take a look of some of the key technological features inside the app.

Offline and data synchronization support.

Once work orders are retrieved by the application, the mechanics can carry out the work order without any internet connection. This is done with the help of Crosslight's built-in offline data storage and data synchronization support, that allows data to be stored when offline and automatically synced as soon as internet connection comes back available.

One-touch call.

In customer information of the work order detail, mechanics can easily contact one of the contact persons at the office or on site only with a single tap. Under the hood, Crosslight's mobile service leverage the native telephony feature of the device and allowed the call to take place.

Built-in map navigation.

When a unit is geotagged, and becomes the subject for the next work order, the new mechanic can immediately take advantage of the built-in map navigation feature. This allows the mechanic to quickly navigate to the unit and start working as soon as he sees the unit. This approach improves the mechanic efficiency as the time taken to reach the unit is made shorter, thanks to Crosslight's map navigation services.

Upload images from the camera.

Images taken from the camera can be immediately uploaded to the server to be used as report reference from the customer. This feature is also used in warranty claim process, in which mechanic can quickly identify and take pictures and upload them for report inputs, shortening time between incident time and proceeding with claim reports. This is all made possible thanks to the Crosslight's native mobile camera services.

Simplified and powerful input forms.

When in field, mechanics don't have all the time in the world to perform form inputs to make reports for a unit. We understand this completely. That's why we defined the forms as simple as possible, to make it easier for the mechanics to perform input tasks. With the power of Crosslight Form Builder, mechanics can perform input on all kinds of data types which are typically available in native apps.

Project Delivery

Delivered in a time span of 6 months, the app is now live at the Play Store is now used by hundreds and thousands of Traktor Nusantara's mechanics to manage their daily workflow.

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At first, we were sceptical whether it is possible to extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the power of mobile applications, but Intersoft proved it and delivered a product that matches with Astra's high standard quality. Well done.

Reinhard Hutagalung
IT Head at Traktor Nusantara

As a part of Traknus Rapid Service, Intersoft beautifully integrates Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Android technology that meets our custom requirements, allowing us to gather more meaningful data on the field.

Binsar Marpaung
Information Technology at Traktor Nusantara

Intersoft's excellent services delivers versatile the promised Android app that we needed with power and capabilities to handle mechanics' daily work orders with ease.

Febricho Handra
Service Personnel Development & Facility Manager at Traktor Nusantara
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