Proliance® from Meridian Systems

Proliance® software improves capital project and facility performance, by streamlining the plan-build-operate lifecycle. Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), Commercial and Public organizations can combine project and program management, facilities management, workflow automation and business analytics into one software system of record, effectively reducing stakeholder risk, lowering construction costs and improving financial performance.
Managing tables of data is central to the functionality in Proliance. There are 80+ tables to manage and analyze the near overwhelming amount of information associated with running a large scale project. Some of those tables have dozens of columns and thousands of rows of information. We are constantly looking for better ways to bring all of that information to our end users in a fast, accessible, user friendly, and feature-rich way.

Solid Data Management Foundation

WebGrid Enterprise® provides a solid foundation for constantly improving in all of these areas, mainly in the user experiences and accessibility aspects. After struggling with the poor performance and flexibility of grids from other vendors in the past, we have completely moved over to WebGrid which offers comprehensive data management features and richer experiences that exceeds our user’s expectations.
As the result, the next-generation of Proliance successfully delivers more robust data management features that help end users to manage and analyze large scale of information more quickly, efficiently and naturally.

Accessibility & Section 508 Standards Support

WebGrid Enterprise® has the most comprehensive support for accessibility features that strictly conforms to U.S. Section 508 Standards, enabling assistive technology in Proliance to help users with screen readers in interpreting table data efficiently.

Section 508 standards support is a “must have” requirement for some of our customers, especially those in the public or government sectors. By leveraging the Section 508 support in WebGrid, those markets now have the opportunity to adopt the valuable functionality of Proliance.

Innovative , Advanced Grid Features

WebGrid Enterprise® is a true powerhouse data grid in the industry. With its rich out-of-the-box experience, WebGrid offers all essential functionalities with multitude of innovative features.

The column freezing functionality ensures that Proliance users always know what information they are looking at reviewing, even while working with large interactive reports or data entry forms containing sometimes thousands of rows and dozens of columns.

High Performance AJAX

The OnTheFlyPostback™ technology of WebGrid Enterprise® was the number one reason for moving away from other ASP.NET grid vendors. It reduces the final submitting time and significantly improves user experience. Intersoft was one of the first to provide this capability, and with it came a tremendous boost in performance and subsequently boosted the overall user experience.

The amount of time our users needed to wait for working with large data form was greatly reduced since most of the data was already sent to the server by the small incremental post backs from WebGrid.

OnTheFlyPostback™ is also consistently integrated in other areas of user interface specifically on editing features – making data editing simpler, faster and more intuitive to Proliance users.

Proliance® is an Infrastructure Lifecycle Management (ILM) solution for large enterprises that plan, build and operate complex capital projects, programs and facilities. Proliance combines project and portfolio management, facilities management, business process management and business analytics into one enterprise system of record.


1720 Prairie City Road, Suite 120

Folsom, CA 95630

Industry: AEC, Commercial and Public

WebGrid Enterprise™ achieves the goal of accessibility while continuing to provide extremely rich functionality to all users. The team at Intersoft has worked closely with us to understand and work through our specific challenges and WebGrid Enterprise® has demonstrated its ability to deliver on the challenging demands of an industry leading enterprise product.

Casey Chamberlain
Director of Product Architecture, Meridian Systems
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