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Bruce Neiman Member

Nevermind. I found that this works fine:

grd.LayoutSettings.ClientSideEvents.OnEnterEditMode = "EnterEditMode";


Hi Leo,

This fix works great!

Another question - In order to implement this fix I will need to add the ClientSideEvents OnEnterEditMode attribute to around 70 different grids in my application. I really need a quick and easy fix for this. Is there a way to add ClientSideEvents using javascript/jquery? Something like the following?

$(document).ready(function () {     var grd = ISGetObject("MyWebGrid");
    if (grd) {
        grd.LayoutSettings.ClientSideEvents.Add("OnEnterEditMode", "EnterEditMode()");


Hi Leo,

You can see the issue on Filtering.aspx if you add a bunch of line breaks on top of the WebGrid so that there are two scrollbars. See attached screenshot.

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