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BUILD 2.0.1000.2
Released on Oct 02, 2013
SpellCheck is working correctly in WebTextEditor MultipleSection mode


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BUILD 1.0.1000.35
Released on Jul 28, 2011
When using XHTML doctype, the textarea is now focused when user switches to HTML view (#1031).
BR tag will now be closed properly when user switches from HTML view to Design view and vice versa (#1020).
BUILD 1.0.1000.34
Released on Jun 16, 2011
The HTML tag for YouTube medias added in HTML view will be persisted when users switch to Design view (#966).
BUILD 1.0.1000.23
Released on Feb 23, 2011
Enhancement: Supports anchor hyperlink in WebTextEditor.
WebTextEditor layout is now persisted when printing WebTextEditor in IE 7 browser (#900).
WebFileUploader now works when contained in a user control (#894).
BUILD 1.0.1000.12
Released on Nov 21, 2010
The content of WebTextEditor is now persisted when saved in flypostback mode (#847).
BUILD 1.0.1000.9
Released on Jun 08, 2010
Enhancement: Improve the UI and editing behavior in Opera 10 browser.
Enhancement: Improve the logic to calculate the word count.
Media tag will now be added to editor when it is inserted using media command in HTML view.
When mail merge feature is enabled, WebTextEditor control can now be viewed without error in the design view of Visual Studio.NET.
Improve the navigation button in WebSpellChecker dialog box when the page is run in Safari and Chrome browsers.
BUILD 1.0.1000.8
Released on Feb 08, 2010
Added ResizeHeader client-side function that is used to resize the header area when WebTextEditor is placed inside another container with specific layout and styles.
BUILD 1.0.1000.6
Released on Oct 26, 2009
Enhancement: Supports medium trust hosting permission.
Enhancement: Undo and Redo actions are now specifically stored per section when editor is run in Google Chrome.
Undo and Redo commands are now enabled when users type in editor.
Labels are now inserted in the last active cursor position when users insert mail merge label after lost focus from editor.
Users are now able to highlight text background to specific words in Opera 10 browser.
ZoomIn and ZoomOut commands can now be used when the editor is run in Mozilla Firefox browsers.
Editor content will not be duplicated when the content contains incorrect or incomplete html tags.
When users copy and paste an image into editor, the image will use the same link style when its link url is specified.
When users checked UseFrame checkbox in media callout, the frame will now be added for the media.
BUILD 1.0.1000.5
Released on Oct 07, 2009
Enhancement: More reliable uploading experiences on non IE browsers.
Enhancement: WebFileUploader now supports Google Chrome browser.
Enhancement: Added MaxTextLength property to limit the display length of the selected file in AttachmentBar UI mode.
The selected text in WebTextEditor is now modified properly when the case is changed using UPPER CASE or lower case item in main toolbar.
OnCompleted client-side event in WebFileUploader is not invoked when PriorityUploadType property is set to BySeries.
The footer row will be displayed properly when Form Control pane is activated and WebTextEditor is placed in a page that uses HTML doctype.
BUILD 1.0.1000.4
Released on Sep 01, 2009
New Scenario Supported: Improved performance when user resizes editor using the footer indicator.
New Scenario Supported: Improved editor behavior when client-side APIs are used.
New Scenario Supported: Enhanced editor behavior when the content includes tag. All literal text in tag will be treated as literal, while HTML tags will be translated to HTML tags.
New Scenario Supported: WebTextEditor elements such as floating toolbar, callout, media action, editor menu, etc, are now displayed correctly in complex layout.
New Scenario Supported: Improved content conversion, pasted from Microsoft Word or Visual Studio. Fixed unclosed tags issue in non-IE browsers.
New Scenario Supported: The last edited content will be saved as user performs save action when HTML view is active.
New Scenario Supported: WebTextEditor now supports RTL mode.
New Scenario Supported: Safari v4.0.3 for Windows supported.
New Scenario Supported: Maintain the plus sign (+) when content is saved via AJAX callback.
New Scenario Supported: Hide scrollbar when FullScreen mode is activated.
New Scenario Supported: Create toolbars in client-side to minimize page output. A new property, SerializationMode, is added in ToolBarSettings to specify this behavior.
Enhancement: Remove all events attached to controls used in WebTextEditor to prevent memory leak.
Enhancement: Reduced footprint size by eliminating empty collections.
Enhancement: Removed unused WebDesktop scripts in WebTextEditor.
Enhancement: Improved ReplaceAll feature in WebTextEditor.
Enhancement: Added SynchronizeCommandLatency property in ToolBarSettings to set the latency of synchronization action between content and main toolbar.
Enhancement: Added OnKeyDown client-side event which will be invoked when there is a key down action in editor.
Enhancement: Added integrated file uploader client-side events that will be invoked when the related actions are performed in file uploader.
Enhancement: Added OnMediaSelected client-side event that will be invoked when a media is selected.
Enhancement: Added OnBeforeResize and OnAfterResize client-side events that will be invoked before and after the editor is resized.
Enhancement: Added SetValueToCurrentPosition client-side API that is used to set the value on the last active cursor position.
Enhancement: Added SetFocus client-side API that is used to set the focus on the editor.
Enhancement: Added UnregisterIFrameBehavior client-side API that is used to unregister the events attached to editor iframe.
Enhancement: Added Reset client-side API for Undo and Redo operations.
Enhancement: Added ToggleToolBar client-side API that is used to toggle toolbar elements.
Enhancement: Added ResetEditorState and SetHeaderHeightCache client-side APIs that are used to reset the editor’s state and set the header’s height.
Enhancement: Added PreventScriptInjection property that will remove <script> tag included in editor to prevent script injection when the content is saved.
Enhancement: Added ShowCallOutOnMediaInsert property which determines whether the callout will be displayed when a media is inserted to the editor.
Enhancement: Added ShowMediaActionOnMediaSelect property that determines whether the media action will be displayed when a media is selected.
Enhancement: Added AllowAttachFile property in ToolBarSettings to display Attach File command in main toolbar.
Enhancement: Added MaxTextLength property in WebFileUploader to limit the display length of the selected file in AttachmentBar UI mode.
Enhancement: Added InProgress property in ImagesSettings which refers to the loading image used in WebTextEditor.
Enhancement: Added new images settings properties to determine the images of callout buttons.
Enhancement: Synchronized font size value in main toolbar and floating toolbar.
Enhancement: Enhanced task pane width calculation after task pane is resized in complex layout.
Error will no longer occur when inserting link without link text and url.
Set file types validation to be case insensitive in WebFileUploader.
Error will no longer occur when performing full postback action in a page that includes a non-English culture WebTextEditor.
Error will no longer occur when adding files to WebFileUploader when the UILayout is set to AttachmentBar and automatic upload mode is enabled.
ToolItems are now added to main toolbar when ToolBarMode is set to Custom and ToolBarXMLFile is specified.
Clicking "Select File" button in File Uploader callout is now easier in Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2.
When there are multiple WebTextEditor instances in a same page, all toolbars will be rendered in each editor instance.
When performing find and replace in WebTextEditor, the replaced text’s style will be maintained.
Text will not be inserted to editor using SetValue client-side API when the active view is not Design view.
Error will no longer occur when editing media detail after it is inserted from web.
When WebSpellChecker is used in stand-alone mode (not integrated to WebTextEditor), the dialog box styles and images are now displayed correctly.
When WebSpellChecker is used in stand-alone mode (not integrated to WebTextEditor), the Ignore All item is clickable.
In WebFileUploader, the initial files count specified will now be persisted when Start Over button is clicked.
In Opera 9.64, the highlighted text is wrong when user moves to the next suggestion after previously accepting the suggestion.
When WebSpellChecker is used in stand-alone mode (not integrated to WebTextEditor) and the container is scrolled, the context menu is positioned correctly.
When WebSpellChecker is used in stand-alone mode (not integrated to WebTextEditor) and spell check mode is enabled, typing in container will exit the spell check mode immediately.
Formatting content now works in all browsers when the highlighted text is selected using keyboard.
Pressing Enter when the cursor is active in bullet list or numbered list section will now creates new bullet or number in Mozilla Firefox.
In IE browser, user can now write z in WebTextEditor when using Polish (Poland) keyboard settings.
BUILD 1.0.1000.3
Released on Jul 09, 2009
New Scenario Supported: Support Response.Redirect in FlyPostBack callback context.
Enhancement: Added RegisterIFrameBehavior client-side API that will register behavior to IFrame when it's lost due to element movement.
Enhancement: Added HideCallOut client-side API that can be used to hide callout manually.
Javascript error: "Unable to initialize file uploader!" occurs when using WebFileUploader in a page that does not use master page.
When HTML content is loaded to WebTextEditor and multiple section is enabled, the section height is not enlarged according to the content size.
When there are multiple WebTextEditor instances in the same page, all toolbars are displayed in the second editor instance.
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