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BUILD 4.0.7200.29
Released on Jun 16, 2011
Decimal value is now persisted during postback action when WebInput is used in non English culture (#985).
BUILD 4.0.7200.18
Released on Jan 21, 2011
SetReadOnly client-side API now works in WebInput (#857).
BUILD 4.0.7200.7
Released on Nov 16, 2010
Error will not occur when WebInput with datetime format specified is placed inside ASP.NET AJAX Update Panel and full postback is invoked (#782).
The oldValue and newValue parameters in OnBeforeValueChanged client-side event will now contain the correct value (#818).
The AM/PM value is now updated properly when users cycle the time using keyboard keys (#840).
BUILD 4.0.7200.4
Released on Jun 08, 2010
WebInput can now accept the dot input from Numeric keyboard (#688)
The numbers inputted using calculator editor is now persisted during full postback action.
When quick date is used to input date and postback action is invoked twice, error will not occur.
Users are now prevented from inputting characters more than the maximum character length allowed.
BUILD 4.0.7200.3
Released on Mar 17, 2010
Cursor can now be seen when HorizontalAlign of TextBoxStyle is set to Right (#549).
CompareValidator control can now be used to compare two datetime-typed WebInput (#559).
After modifying WebInput using datetime editor, the value will be persisted based on DisplayFormat configuration (#603).
BUILD 4.0.7200.2
Released on Feb 08, 2010
Comma key can now be used as a decimal separator when German culture is used (#467).
The date and month value is correctly displayed (not swapped) in the date time editor with English culture. (#532).
The value of CausesValidation property in ASP.NET Button is now applied to WebInput (#562).
Date time editor is now displayed properly based on DisplayPosition property value (#570).
Other controls can now be placed adjacent to WebInput (#527).


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BUILD 3.0.7200.216
Released on Oct 26, 2009
Enhancement: Supports medium trust hosting permission.
Error will not occur when datetime-typed value is set in WebInput where EditFormat is not specified (#438).
When datetime editor is enabled, SmartWebResources are not used, and the page is viewed using Mozilla Firefox, the images of WebInput will be displayed correctly (#441).
The value of MinDate and MaxDate properties are now applied to Year dropdown in datetime editor (#444).
When full postback is performed and the value of WebInput is not changed, TextChanged server-side event will not be invoked (#445).
EditFormat configuration is now persisted after the page is refreshed using AJAX callback (#450).
SetValueData function will now works when custom DisplayFormat is used in WebInput.
BUILD 3.0.7200.215
Released on Oct 07, 2009
WebInput will now persist the selected AM/PM value when users select the year area in datetime editor using keyboard.
BUILD 3.0.7200.214
Released on Sep 01, 2009
Enhancement: User can now focus to another control using Tab key when there are disabled WebInput between the controls.
Currency format is now persisted in Chinese culture when user selects the value using calculator editor.
Error will no longer occur when full postback is invoked in WebInput.
When datetime format is specified, the first two digits will be highlighted on every postback action.
When datetime editor is specified, WebInput will use the current local PC time as time value when selecting a date from datetime editor.
BUILD 3.0.7200.213
Released on Jul 09, 2009
When datetime-typed value is set as the value of WebInput, the value is returned as string-typed value in client-side.
Unable to focus to another control using Tab key when there are disabled WebInput between the controls.
Script error occurs when opening WebScheduler's built-in editing form and WebInput is included in it.
When included in WebScheduler's built-in editing form, End Date input is not automatically adjusted after Start Date input is modified.
BUILD 3.0.7200.210
Released on Jan 30, 2009
New Scenario Supported: Added EditValueByEditorOnly property to set whether or not the value can be editted using editor only.
The holidays added as specific year holiday in Designer is not persisted when the Designer is opened for the second time.
Error occured when performing postback after inputting number in numeric-typed WebInput.
"Index was outside the bounds of the array" error occured when trying to programmatically create WebInput with EditFormat specified.
BUILD 3.0.7200.209
Released on Dec 22, 2008
New Scenario Supported: Detect whether the editor should be displayed in different direction when it is clipped by browser window.
Enhancement: Added MinDate and MaxDate properties to limit the possible datetime input.
Unable to use numeric editor in Safari browser.
Unable to use arrow key to navigate in WebInput.
Unable to enter more than 2 digits when masked expression for phone number is enabled in WebInput.
Hours and minutes are not persisted when user choose a date in datetime editor.
CompareValidator and CustomValidator do not work when used with WebInput.
When ReadOnly mode is enabled, user can still highlight or select text in WebInput.
BUILD 3.0.7200.207
Released on Sep 19, 2008
Error occurs when WebInput with date masking enabled is placed inside an Update Panel.
WebInput duplicate existing stylesheets during postback.
"Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error message occurs during postback when DisplayFormat is programmatically specified at runtime.
WebInput value is not persisted in server side during FlyPostback action.
The time format of WebInput is always AM eventhough the current time is PM.
VS2008 stops responding when WebInput is dragged and dropped from toolbox to the page.
The dropdown arrow is not changed into gray color when the WebInput is disabled.
BUILD 3.0.7200.112
Released on Jun 26, 2008
Unable to persist empty value in datetime WebInput during postback.
When placed inside .NET Multiview control, the valur of WebInput is not persisted when switching the views.
BUILD 3.0.7200.104
Released on Apr 01, 2008
Error occurs when WebInput is placed inside .NET Panel and the panel is hidden.
WebInput value is not persisted during several postbacks.
BUILD 3.0.7200.13
Released on Nov 22, 2007
Incorrect value retrieved when inputting date and month only in WebInput that uses datetime mask expression.
Script error occurs when pressing operand several times.
When typing number at decimal section in dynamic currency input-typed WebInput, the number is always displayed as the last digit.
Incorrect number displayed when typing negative in numeric WebInput.
Unable to add negative sign after inputting it for several times.
When using non-english culture and validation is enabled, WebInput's value is validated as not valid when performing postback eventhough the value is correct.
Incorrect datetime editor display when using Arabic culture.
When validation on change is enabled, user can still focus on another WebInput eventhough the current WebInput's value is not valid.
In some non-english culture, typing separator, such as dot (.) or comma (,) will delete the previous number typed.
Values of WebInput are incorrectly persisted during postback when using non-english culture.
Values are not displayed in edit mode when using specific mask expression.
BUILD 3.0.7200.11
Released on Aug 31, 2007
The value of WebInput is still persisted in the second full postback eventhough the value has been deleted since the first full postback.
Error occured when adding a new row from server side in WebGrid where WebInput with DisplayFormat and Format specified is integrated into it.
Unable to persist initial WebInput's value.
Unable to get the value of WebInput during AJAX callback when it is placed within a WebDialogBox.
BUILD 3.0.7200.10
Released on Aug 13, 2007
Internet Explorer browser unexpectedly crash when user input '00-00-0000' in WebInput that implements date type EditFormat.
BUILD 3.0.7200.7
Released on May 30, 2007
OnFocus and OnBlur events are not triggered when running WebInput in FireFox Mozilla.
BUILD 3.0.7200.6
Released on Apr 05, 2007
Better navigation when using WebInput.NET Wizard.
Improved mechanism when registering SmartWebResources.
Unable to use RequiredFieldValidator with WebInput.


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BUILD 2.0.5000.28
Released on Apr 01, 2008
Error occurs when opening WebInput.NET Designer.
BUILD 2.0.5000.27
Released on Aug 31, 2007
New Scenario Supported: Supports MultiLine scrollbar in WebInput.
Error occured when inheritting from WebInput if DisplayFormat is enabled and MaskExpression of EditFormat is specified.
BUILD 2.0.5000.26
Released on May 30, 2007
Unable to use DateTime editor.
BUILD 2.0.5000.25
Released on Apr 30, 2007
New Scenario Supported: Ability to set client side events in inheritted WebInput from server side.
The value of WebInput is not persisted in inheritted WebInput that uses DisplayFormat.
BUILD 2.0.5000.24
Released on Apr 05, 2007
Unable to retrieve the value of simple inheritted WebInput after postback.
BUILD 2.0.5000.23
Released on Feb 28, 2007
New Scenario Supported : Use WebInput.NET inside UpdatePanel of Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX v1.0.
Error occurs when performing FlyPostBack (AJAX) action in a page that contains WebGrid and WebInput that uses EditFormat.
BUILD 2.0.5000.22
Released on Nov 29, 2006
DisplayFormat does not reflect the correct format when DisplayFormat and EditFormat are used in WebInput.
New scenario supported : Use WebInput.NET inside Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions (ATLAS 1 Beta Version) UpdatePanel.
BUILD 2.0.5000.21
Released on -
ReadOnly Webinput's value can't be obtained from server side when the value is assigned from client side.
ReadOnly WebInput can not show the value directly when the value is assigned from client side.
The NewValue parameter in onBeforeValueChanged client side event is empty even if the value has been changed using the DateTime editor.
BUILD 2.0.5000.20
Released on Sep 26, 2006
Incorrect scripts and images path when setting them in WebInput.NET Designer to be used in File System.
WebInput's DateTimeEditor always displays today's date when its value is set to null.
Unable to use keyboard Tab key in WebInput with Editor enabled.
BUILD 2.0.5000.19
Released on Aug 24, 2006
DateTime editor doesn't display the correct date when used in Brazilian culture.
WebInput value is still displayed eventhough the previous value has been deleted and the other WebInput gets focused.
BUILD 2.0.5000.18
Released on Jul 31, 2006
Postback error when ViewStateStorage is set to Client with both Display and Edit configuration enabled.
BUILD 2.0.5000.17
Released on Jun 21, 2006
Dynamic Number issue when WebInput is integrated to WebGrid.
Unexpected behaviour when masking mode dd-MMM-yyyy.
Error when selecting a value in WebInput using OnClick client side event of DateTime editor.
BUILD 2.0.5000.16
Released on May 24, 2006
WebInput's CaretAtEnd is not valid when using EditFormat.
Error occurs when using WebInput inside User Control and the page is posted back using WebToolBar that is merged.
BUILD 2.0.5000.15
Released on Apr 27, 2006
WebInput server side memory leak issue.
After postback, one month is added to WebInput's text and value.
DateTimeEditor issue in Mozilla firefox
BUILD 2.0.5000.14
Released on Mar 23, 2006
WebInput with OnChange event handler has a conflict with RequiredValidator.
WebInput with mmm-yyyy format produces a JavaScript error "'constructor' is null or not an object".
Unexpected behaviour in WebInput when typing 01 01 2006.
The date and month is reversed after postback when using CultureInfo.CultureName = "fr-CH";
BUILD 2.0.2500.13
Released on Feb 16, 2006
WebInput's DateTime Editor is not working in VS2005.
Changing DropDownStyle on client side is not working.
WebInput value cannot be set to empty value when EditFormat is enabled.
Java Script error after losing focus from WebInput.
WebInput with OnChange event handler conflicts when used with RequiredFieldValidator.
BUILD 2.0.5000.12
Released on Dec 09, 2005
Validation failed for negative number with parenthesis pattern.
DateTimeEditor AccessKey, EnterValueKey, and Switch cannot be changed.
DateTime formatting, validating process is failed for Canada culture (computer timezone).
Default styles no longer generated at designer.
The postback data is minimalized resulting in faster performance.
BUILD 2.0.5000.11
Released on Sep 06, 2005
Time value in EditFormat is changed when postback for second time.
Value is not persisted when value is supplied from calculator editor and the webinput mode is basic (EditFormat disabled, DisplayFormat disabled).
Datetime validation is failed for Iceland culture.
When WebInput with EditFormat and DateTimeEditor is postback with out of range datetime value, the DateTimeEditor is disabled.
BUILD 2.0.5000.10
Released on Aug 04, 2005
OnBeforeValueChanged and OnAfterValueChanged event are not raised on DateTimeEditor Day click.
Cursor position is moved to the end of value when enter new value that has a decimal point at DynamicNumber for the first time
Datetime editor can select date value outside its min and max datetime editor year value.
SkipNavigateHoliday property is not effect when it sets programmatically.
Max and min year constrain in spin value EditFormat.
BUILD 2.0.5000.9
Released on May 26, 2005
Enabling and disabling WebInput in client side.
Date selected from DateTimeEditor in US format when using another culture info and the day is below of 12
Min and max datetime editor dropdown year value.
DateTimeEditor border bottom window is hidden when when showing DateTimeEditor with DateTimeEditor.ShowHeader=false property in Internet Explorer browser.
Gradient color is not applied to last header DateTimeEditor section when showing DateTimeEditor in Internet Explorer browser.
Added MaxLength property to limit character input (Not working in DisplayFormat or EditFormat mode).
Added client side set value method for setting value in client side.
ASP.Net Validator Summary show message box is not showed when there is a webinput in page.
DateTime editor footer 'Today is' text is customizeable.
Page cannot be postback when ASP.NET control CauseValidation is false and there is a WebInput.NET control.
Automatic move cursor to the back of decimal separator in Dynamic Number when user input a decimal separator.
BUILD 2.0.5000.8
Released on Jun 15, 2005
Javascript error when showing DateTimeEditor with DateTimeEditor.ShowHeader=false property.
BUILD 2.0.5000.7
Released on May 02, 2005
WebInput class is inheritable.
Invalid datetime editor header day display
BUILD 2.0.5000.6
Released on -
Page cannot be postback when ASP.NET control CauseValidation is false and there is a WebInput.NET control with format or edit formatting.
While browsing a page from a secure protocol (https) , there is a popup asking for This page contains both secure and non secure items. Do you want to display the non secure items?
WebInput.NET doesn't run when it runs as a Telerik Tabstrip content template childs.
BUILD 1.0.5000.4
Released on -
Client validation is not running and WebInput state is not updated to server side when submit html form with form.submit() method.
BUILD 1.0.5000.3
Released on Dec 20, 2004
Page postback is not working when EditFormat is enabled and page is submitted in onclick event of other control.
Default display value is empty when Nullable is false when DisplayFormat is enabled.
Inconsistent TextChanged server side invocation.
Decimal number is not filled from Calculator Editor for EditFormat.
WebUI.NET Framework Build 3 required. Please obtain and automatically install all updates by using Update Manager.
BUILD 1.0.5000.2
Released on Dec 08, 2004
Fixed Calculator Editor behavior, no longer opening editor when backspace is pressed in typing state.
Fixed behavior when . is pressed simultaneously in DisplayFormat currency input.
Enhanced autofill month name and day in long date format.
Error window info is showed on page load when setting DisplayFormat or EditFormat programmatically.
Error on page load when setting HighLightType programmatically.
Added some client sides DOM methods and enhanced object desctuctor mechanism.
Inconsistence WebInput.NET value when using display format and datetime editor.
WebInput.NET Build 2 requires updated WebUI.NET Framework Version 1.0.5000.2
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