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Upgrade Your Existing WebUI Studio Project

This topic provides a step-by-step instruction on how to upgrade your existing WebUI Studio project.

To upgrade your existing WebUI Studio project

  1. Open your existing project in Visual Studio and focus on the Solutions Explorer window.
  2. If your project is Web Application, expand the References node and remove all Intersoft assemblies (ISNet prefix).
  3. If your project is Website, right-click on the website and select Property Pages. Remove all Intersoft assemblies.

  4. Re-add Intersoft WebUI Framework references from: [Installation Folder]\Intersoft Solutions\WebUI Studio for ASP.NET\WebUI.NET Framework 3.0\Bin.

  5. Re-add each component’s assemblies from each folder. For example: WebGrid assemblies can be found in [Installation Folder]\Intersoft Solutions\WebUI Studio for ASP.NET\WebGrid.NET 7.0\Bin.

  6. Restart Visual Studio. Run and test your project with the existing features to ensure that the new WebUI Studio assemblies have been properly applied in your project.

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