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Runtime License Manager for WPF Application

This topic provides a step-by-step instruction on how to deploy WPF application with SmartWebResources.

To deploy WPF project with Runtime License Manager

  1. Create a WPF application using Visual Studio. For instance: WPFApplication1.
  2. Build and run the project to ensure everything works fine.
  3. Launch Runtime Application Licensing for Silverlight from Start Menu\Programs\Intersoft WebUI Studio 2010 R1\WebUI Studio for Silverlight 4.
  4. Browse to your main WPF application assembly and enter your Runtime License Key.
    Please obtain your Runtime License key from Intersoft Developer Network 3, under My Components application.

  5. Click the Generate button and if the key is valid, the following message will appear.

  6. Copy the text that appears in the window.
  7. Create a new XML file in Visual Studio 2010 and name it licenses.islicx.

    Select the licenses.islicx file and switch to the property window. Set the Build Action property to Embedded Resource.

    The licenses.islicx file should be placed in the root folder of your project.

  8. Paste the text from the License Identity Result into the license.islicx file and save it.
       <Product Name="Intersoft.ClientUI" Version="3.0.5000" Stamp="NGJmZjM5MDUwMGFObGhEUWxJdFFqQkNPQzA0UnpkQ09BPT0=" LicenseID="DxwkvTe/pBRrK9v1F9GHfyQQRow=" />
  9. Congratulations! Your Silverlight application is now licensed.
    Please note that this is a one-time application-wide license, which means you will have to license any other unlicensed Silverlight applications.
  10. Go to your project directory and find a .exe file in Debug folder, e.g: [Project Folder]\WpfApplication1\WpfApplication1\bin\Debug\WpfApplication1.exe.
  11. Copy this .exe file (WPFApplication1.exe) to your production server for deployment purpose.

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