UXGridView Server Side Validation

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I use Client UI MVVM Data Application with RIA Services. I have added Atributes on Metadata Class, eg. DataAnnotations.RequiredAttribute

[Required(ErrorMessage = "Eingabe erforderlich!")]
[StringLength(250, ErrorMessage = "Es sind max. 250 Zeichen erlaubt!")]
public string FQDN { get; set; }

When the Cell is empty, I get the Errormessage in UXGridView Footer and the row has a red background color. Please have a look at attached picture (1). This works fine.

Now, I have to validate also on server side. In my case, the FQDN must be unique. So I have writ following method:

public bool IsComputerFQDNRegistered(string fqdn)
    return _qmsEntities.Computer.Where(c => c.FQDN == fqdn).Count() > 0;

In Insert and Update method, I call IsComputerFQDNRegistered, like this:

public void InsertComputer(Computer computer)
    if (IsComputerFQDNRegistered(computer.FQDN))
        ValidationResult error = new ValidationResult("FQDN ist bereits vorhanden!", new string[] { "FQDN" });
        throw new ValidationException(error, null, computer);

    if ((computer.EntityState != EntityState.Detached))
        _qmsEntities.ObjectStateManager.ChangeObjectState(computer, EntityState.Added);

Now I change one FQDN in UXGridView and leave the row to save the changes. I get a Errormessage (see UXGridViewErrorMessageValitationError.png). I would like display the ValidationResult ErrorMessage (FQDN ist bereits vorhanden). Where can I find this Info?

After clicking OK on Errormessage, I can not see any errors in UXGridView. Only when I mark the row (with Errors) and change in edit mode, the Errormessage will displayed. But in the UXGridView Footer I can not see the message (please have a look at attached picture (2)). It is possible to change this behavoir? It would be great, when the background color would be red.

Thanks for help


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