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John BoninMember

Just updated to webUI 2013R1 Sp1 and with firefox 25.0.1, certain grid operations do not work. I have reported this issue about a year ago and seems was never fixed. You can see the problem when using the VB Sample that comes with the 2013R1SP1 distribution.

Open the sample AutomaticFilterSuggestion.aspx and make the following changes to the code.

Right after the <asp:Content tag add: <div style="margin-top: 250px;">Test</div>

Then change the layout settings of the grid to: <LayoutSettings AutoFilterSuggestion="True" AllowFilter="Yes" ShowColumnAction="true" ShowFilterStatus="true">

Then view this page in Firefox 25.0.1. When the page displays make sure you move the scrollbar down to the bottom, do not leave it at the top.

1. Select the first row.

2. Hover over the FirstName column, notice that the ColumnAction dropdown is at the bottom of the grid and you can not select it.

3. Click on the FirstName filterbar area and notice that the text box to enter your filter is at the bottom of the gird.

4. Click on the filter funnel, notice that the menu is also at the bottom of the grid

5. Right-Click on the FirstName (Nancy) and notice that the Context Menu popup is hidden at the top of the page

Again this occurs using your sample projects and Firefox 25.x.  WE NEED A FIX ASAP as this is killing our production sites.

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