Your webgrid does not supoort  property for webcombo column into webgrid as readonly.

Once I set to readonly then adding new row in the column does not support.

To do, I added code in prepare_databinding event of grid as bellow:

               if (MyColumn.Name == "MyColumnName")


                        MyColumn.Caption = "New Name";

                        MyColumn.EditType = EditType.NoEdit;

                        MyColumn.FilterEditType = FilterEditType.TextBox;

                        MyColumn.NewRowEditType = NewRowEditType.<DOES NOT HAVE WEBCOMBO>;


You can see enum values of NewRowEditType:

 public enum NewRowEditType


        SameAsEditType = 0,

        TextBox = 1,

        DropdownList = 2,

        NoEdit = 3,

        Checkbox = 4,

        CalendarCombo = 5,


Please add this feature or give me solution to do.


Sachin Jain