WebGrid causing JavaScript errors in Telerik control

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We are in the process of replacing our old menu component by Telerik's RadMenu. During our testing we discovered that as soon as there is a WebGrid (also occurs with a WebTextEdotir) present on the page, we receive a lot of JavaScript errors from Telerik's event handlers. On pages where there is no WebGrid, we don't have those errors.

The errors are present in IE11, Firefox and Chrome, but not un IE versions prior to 11 (no errors in IE10, 9, etc). See the attached screenshots for an example of the errors we get. In this example, the ScriptResource.axd is "MicrosoftAjax.js". and the "e" parameter received correspond to the event argument expected by the event handler "g" in NavigationScripts.js, which "g" doesn't receive as the calling function in IE11.js (or IEMozBridge.js) doesn't specify any argument when calling it.

My undestanding from these errors and their stack traces is that the errors are caused by your legacy IE behavior emulation engines found in IE11.js and IEMozBridge.js.

How can we can a solution for this very serious issue, of your scripts files breaking other components ?


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