Pager is not showing in web grid

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I had migrated my application from WebUIStudioNET2008R2 to intersoftstudio2014r2. In the newer version of the controls I am seeing an issue in the InterSoft WebGrid 9 where the Grid pager is not fixed. Pager disappears as the number of rows in the grid increases. To see the pager I will have to scroll down the scroll bar of web tab. [ Web grid is sitting inside the Web Tab]

I believe if the number of rows increases in the grid auto scroll bar should appear and the pager should always be fixed on the page. I am not seeing this behaviour in the web grid control.

More details below.

WebTab Settings:

<ISWebDesktop:WebTab ID="TabCtrl" runat="server" Height="100%" Width="100%" AllowTextWrapping="False"

DefaultTabSeparatorWidth="0px" RenderMode="ComplexImages" TabSeparator="False"

AllowClose="Yes" AllowScrolling="True">

<FrameStyle Overflow="Hidden" OverflowY="Hidden" OverflowX="Hidden" BackColor="#BFDBFF">

<Padding Top="5px" />


<ContainerStyle Overflow="Auto" OverflowY="Auto" OverflowX="Auto" BackColor="#BAD3F5"

BorderColor="#8DB2E3" BorderStyle="Solid" BorderWidth="1px" Height="100%" Width="100%"

Font-Names="segoe ui,tahoma" Font-Size="9pt">

<Padding Top="5px" Left="5px" Right="5px" Bottom="5px"></Padding>


WebGrid Settings:

<ISWebGrid:WebGrid ID="GridCtrl" runat="server" DataSourceID="MOInquiryLinqDataSource"

RenderingMode="HTML5" DefaultStyleMode="Elegant" Height="100%" UseDefaultStyle="True"

Width="100%" OnInitializeRow="OnInitializeRow" DataCacheStorage="Session">

<LayoutSettings AllowColumnFreezing="Yes" AllowColumnMove="Yes" AllowExport="Yes"

AllowFilter="Yes" AllowSorting="Yes" ApplyFiltersKey="Enter" Hierarchical="True"

ShowFilterStatus="True" VirtualPageSize="250" RowHeightDefault="-1px" AutoHeight="True"

HideColumnsWhenGrouped="No" PagingExportMode="ExportAllData" PagingMode="ClassicPaging"

PagingSize="20" PagingStyleUI="Slider" VirtualLoadMode="LargeData">

<ClientSideEvents OnRowContextMenu="OnRowContextMenu" OnCellDblClick="OnCellDblClick" />

<HeaderStyle CssClass="WG5E-Header" CustomRules="height: auto" />


Please let me know what I am doing wrong here.

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