Filtering data at WebGrid 7 with ClientBinding, Paging and ISLinqDatasource

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Somer B.Member

I have a webgrid with clientbinding and paging which is connected a ISLinqDataSource (Datasource is Entity Framework).

I would like to return filtered data, but i cant use "filter column" property because of the design and security issues (for example: user may unhide hidden column and clear filter, or i can't apply more than one filter for a single column like "code like 'a%' or code like 'b%' ").

And i cant use ISLinqDataSource's where property as WebGrid overrides it.

So i dediced to use FilteredColumns.AdvancedFilterExpression property.

It runs but has one important problem:

AdvancedFilterExpression is applied not while querying database, but applied after retrieving data by WebGrid. So if you set paging with 25 rows, you may see less than 25 rows in a pages, even may be all pages with no rows.

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