Cannot set custom editor for Webgrid 10 in VS2015 Intersoft Component Designer

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Csaba KeriMember

Hi All,

I have created a custom editor for Webgrid and added to the grid in the component designer, under Other Settings/Custom Editors. It is DHTMLClientControl (img1). I have specified the name and the JavaScriptFiles.

My problem is that if I edit the colums under Roottable/Columns and set EditType to Custom and I am trying to set the CustomEditorName property for this column with opening the dropdown (img2, right side), i see only an error message, img3 .  This is error message is coming with the Webgrid tutorial solution included in 
the tutorial project in C:\Program Files (x86)\Intersoft Solutions\Tutorials\cs too.

I am using VS2015, IIS Express and a file system based web site. SmartWebresources are enabled.

I searched the documentations but I found screenshots for older editors here: . Is an up-to-date tutorial for custom editors there?

Also, if I specify the custom editor manually, I got an error message "Can't find implementation object for customeditor 'MonthEndCalendar'" .

I figured out that ISRes.axd tries to download MonthEndCalendar.js, so I copied my JS file to the CustomEditors folder under several names, but it didn't help, ISRes.axd didn't find it. 
I also tried to rename one of the original JS files (Webgrid_Calendar.js) to see how ISRes,axd works but it was able to find the original file even if I renamed all occurences of this file (under CommonLibrary in the website and in Program Files/Intersoft Studio/... to).

What can be the problem here? Why is ISRes.axd unable to find my JS file?

I experienced also that WebGrid throws Javascript errors during calling the built in wgSetSelectedObject method, see wgSetSelectedObject.jpg please. 

What can cause these several problems? Am I missing something during the installation? I copied the CommonLibrary folder into the root of our web application and all required DLLs are added to the project as a reference.

Thanks in advance,


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