You've finished installing Mobile Studio. Now what? We highly recommend you to check out the following resources:

  1. Crosslight Starter Guide. An ultra-essential page to check out for Crosslight newbies.
  2. Build Cross-platform Mobile Apps Easily with Crosslight. This article will give you an idea how Crosslight works in a very easy-to-understand manner.
  3. Understanding Data Binding and MVVM Design Pattern. Every Crosslight developer should fully understand the MVVM concept to take maximum advantage of Crosslight.
  4. Crosslight Mobile Development Guides. The answer for everything Crosslight.
  5. Samples. What's better than working samples?
  6. YouTube Channel. Featuring many useful videos definitely worth checking out, to help you get off the right foot.
  7. Intersoft Solutions Blog. The blog contains many useful, ocassionally updated new articles to keep you in the loop.
  8. Intersoft Crosslight Roadmap. Provides an overview of the Crosslight roadmap and what features you can expect in the next major release.

Still got questions? Feel free to post a new thread here.