Collection view columns to be changed dynamically based on device orientation

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Giridhar JGMember

Hi All,

  1. How to set number of columns for each row in collection view based on device orientation?
  2. How to set the collection view cell height and width programmatically?
  3. How to set the background color for each collectionviewcell using bindable style property?
  4. Unable to trigger button click event in Collection header. 

For example,

  • 9 items to be bind in collection view then,
  • In Portrait mode, 2 columns to be shown and 3rd row to be shown a single column
  • In Landscape mode, 3 columns to be shown
  • each cell has different color.
  • In native IOS (XCode), we have achieved above points by collectionViewLayout event.

Kindly share the details to achieve above points.

Best Regards,
Giridhar JG.

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