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    Migrating to Crosslight Android Material
    In 2016 R1, Crosslight, Development, Getting Started Guide, Android, Android Material, Crosslight 5, Material Design, Mobile Studio 2016, Premier Studio 2016   | No comment
    In this post, I’m going to guide you how to migrate your existing Crosslight Android apps to adopt Material Design with the new Crosslight Android Material Library. I’m going to ... Read more
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    Getting Started with Premier Studio 2016
    In 2016 R1, ClientUI, Crosslight, Development, Products, Reference Samples, WebUI, Get Started, Premier Studio 2016, Samples, Silverlight, WebUI Studio, WPF   | No comment
    In our past releases, getting started with Intersoft Premier Studio was quite inconvenience and tedious. With tons of shortcuts to choose from, you can be easily confused where to start from... Read more
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    The All-new WebUI. Experience It Yourself.
    In 2016 R1, Development, General, WebUI, ASP.NET MVC, New Releases, WebCombo, WebDesktop, WebEssentials, WebGrid, WebInput, WebScheduler, WebTextEditor, WebTreeView, WebUI Studio, WebUI Studio ASP.NET   | No comment
    Our months of hard work finally paid off. It’s finally here. With excellent craftsmanship and fine attention to detail, we’re very proud to announce the all-new and powerful WebU... Read more
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    Premier Studio 2016 is here.
    In 2016 R1, announcement, ClientUI, Crosslight, Products, WebUI, New Releases, WebUI Studio   | No comment
    The wait is over! Premier Studio 2016 is here, our biggest and most revolutionary release since Intersoft was established. Our team worked very hard to ensure the best quality of the product... Read more
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    Crosslight 5 RC Is Now Available
    In 2016 R1, Crosslight, Development, Android, Android Material, Crosslight 5, iOS   | No comment
    Good news to y’all. Today, we’re releasing Crosslight 5 Release Candidate to public ahead of the RTM release scheduled later this month. As mentioned in my previous blog, you can now test dr... Read more
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    A Closer Look at Premier Studio 2016
    In 2016 R1, ClientUI, Crosslight, Development, WebUI, Android Material, Premier Studio, WebUI Studio ASP.NET   | No comment
    In this first post of the year, I’d like to share something fresh and exciting for all of you. As you might have aware, we’ve been working hard on a big release since the past few months. It... Read more
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    Getting Started with Crosslight Collection Views and Grid Views
    In Crosslight, Development, General, kb-how-to-article, Tips and Tricks, Android, collection view, Cross Platform, grid view, iOS, menu, navigation, springboard   | 1 comments
    Hi guys, Arief here from the Intersoft Consultant team. Today I will talk about how to use iOS Collection View and Android Grid View in order to create a beautiful cross-platform navigation ... Read more
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    Creating Dockable View for iOS and Android
    In 2015 R2, Crosslight, Development, General, kb-how-to-article, Tips and Tricks, 2015 r2, dockable, dockable view, footer, header, Mobile Development   | No comment
    In my previous post, I’ve shown you how to use a header and footer with custom views in a list/table view. Now, what if I want to show a dockable view at the bottom of the screen? Let’... Read more
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    Redesigning Xamarin Field Service Sample with Crosslight – Part 1
    In Crosslight, Development, Reference Samples, Tips and Tricks, Android, Design Pattern, iOS, iPad, iPhone, UI Design, UX Design, Windows, Xamarin   | 8 comments
    Hi guys, Nicholas here. I’m back with another blog post, this time covering the Xamarin Field Service sample. Many of you have asked: “How can I transform the Xamarin Field Service sample us... Read more
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    Adding Header and Footer for iOS TableView and Android ListView
    In Crosslight, Development, iOS, kb-how-to-article, Products, Tips and Tricks, Android, custom view, footer, header, listview, tableview   | No comment
    Hi guys, I’m back with another blog post, this time covering how to use the a custom view for header and footer to be used alongside iOS TableView / Android TableView. You’ll see... Read more
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