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    Premier Studio 2017 is here.
    In 2017, Development, General, Products, Announcement, New Release, Premier Studio   | No comment
    Today we’re excited to announce the general availability of Premier Studio 2017, our latest and most advanced development toolset for web, desktop, and cross-platform mobile developmen... Read more
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    Using Crosslight Location Service in iOS 8
    In Crosslight, Development, iOS, Tips and Tricks, Location Service   | No comment
    Using Crosslight Location Service Location service provides a streamlined way to access location API that conforms to each the device’s platform. In order to get the current location of the ... Read more
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    Crosslight Essential Walkthroughs
    In Crosslight, Development, Getting Started Guide, kb-how-to-article, Android, iOS, Mobile Development, MVVM   | No comment
    Based on your valuable feedbacks, we’ve compiled a list of Crosslight essential walkthroughs that will help you get started with Crosslight in no time. These topics cover a wide range ... Read more
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    Great News for Crosslight Developers!
    In 2016 R1, announcement, Crosslight, Development, General   | No comment
    In light of Microsoft’s Build Event 2016 last week, Microsoft has officially announced partnership with Xamarin on March 2016, making Xamarin accessible to even more mobile developers ... Read more
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    Redesigning Xamarin Field Service Sample with Crosslight – Part 2
    In 2016 R1, Crosslight, Development, Reference Samples, Crosslight 5, Samples   | 2 comments
    Back in November 2015 I wrote a blog post on Redesigning Xamarin Field Service Sample – Part 1. Well, in that post I’ve discussed various design quirks and what improvements can ... Read more
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    Crosslight Field Service is now available!
    In 2016 R1, Crosslight, Development, Reference Samples, Announcement, Crosslight 5, Samples   | No comment
    Good news! For those of you who’ve waited for so long for Crosslight Field Service sample, it’s now available here. This sample highlights many of the best practices found when d... Read more
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    Getting Started with Unified WebUI Application
    In 2016 R1, Development, Getting Started Guide, WebUI   | No comment
    Starting from Premier Studio 2016, WebUI took a completely new look and feel with the new Unified Theming made for ASP.NET. As the name implies, Unified Theming allows you to impose a unifie... Read more
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    Performing Data Binding to Native Views with Crosslight
    In Crosslight, Development, Getting Started Guide, Android, Android Materials, form builder, iOS, Xamarin Forms   | No comment
    In my last post, I wrote an in-depth, step-by-step tutorial on how to create you can migrate a Xamarin.Forms sample and turn it into a Crosslight solution. The process might seem intricate a... Read more
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    Migrating from Xamarin.Forms to Crosslight App
    In 2016 R1, Crosslight, Development, Getting Started Guide, Android, Android Material, iOS, iOS 9, Xamarin, Xamarin Forms   | No comment
    Many mobile developers who are just starting out with Crosslight often asked us with this question: I have an existing Xamarin.Forms app and would like to get started with Crosslight. How ca... Read more
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    Migrating to WebUI Unified Theming
    In 2016 R1, Development, Getting Started Guide, WebUI, Unified Theming, WebGrid, WebUI Studio   | No comment
    We’ve recently released our new Unified Theming for WebUI, which will dramatically alter the look and feel of your WebUI-powered apps, giving it a fresh, modern look and feel. But... Read more
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