Integrated Dropdown Editors


WebInput provides a streamlined data editing experience. In addition to its varied input formats, WebInput includes several stylish and convenient specialized dropdown editors. Simply click an input field to display its dropdown editor, and use it to quickly select a date or perform a complex calculation, and have the result automatically entered for you.

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DateTime dropdown editor

Designed to provide a hassle-free datetime input, the dropdown editor enables end user to input a date format easily and accurately, especially when building business applications targeting multiple cultures. With the full keyboard support, the dropdown editor can be fully operated using keyboard. This feature is extremely useful in certain scenarios which have many datetime input fields. Developer can also easily customize the dropdown editor, from changing the default access key, editor display, max and min year, as well as configuring the overall user interface.

Numeric dropdown editor

Inspired by Microsoft Money® calculator editor, WebInput’s numeric dropdown editor provides the best numeric input experience, especially when user needs to perform advanced computation directly in WebInput. As with the datetime drop down editor, the numeric dropdown editor also offers strong keyboard integration. This means user can use numeric key or navigational key to work with the editor easily. It’s also highly customizable. You can configure most elements, from the dropdown button, access key, and many more.

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