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    The All-new WebUI. Experience It Yourself.
    In 2016 R1, Development, General, WebUI, ASP.NET MVC, New Releases, WebCombo, WebDesktop, WebEssentials, WebGrid, WebInput, WebScheduler, WebTextEditor, WebTreeView, WebUI Studio, WebUI Studio ASP.NET   | No comment
    Our months of hard work finally paid off. It’s finally here. With excellent craftsmanship and fine attention to detail, we’re very proud to announce the all-new and powerful WebU... Read more
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    Server Side Paging in WebScheduler Timeline view
    In 2009 R2, Development, High Performance, Server Paging, Timeline View, WebScheduler, WebScheduler 3; WebScheduler.NET;   | No comment
    Performance and scalability are among our strongest focus in WebScheduler v3 release. Since Timeline view is capable to show a wide range of data (from minutes to quarters), loading all the ... Read more
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    Customize Visible Hours in WebScheduler
    In 2009 R2, Development, Products, Visible Hours, WebScheduler, WebScheduler 3   | No comment
    One of the feature request we often received in the past is the ability to specify the visible hours in Day, Week, and Split views. By default, the hours in these views start from 00:00 to 2... Read more
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    Detail Box Paging in WebScheduler
    In 2009 R2, Development, Products, Detail Box, Paging, WebScheduler, WebScheduler 3   | No comment
    In previous version of WebScheduler, detail box will be displayed when you click More in Month view. In the latest version, detail box is also used in other views (Day, Week, and Split views... Read more
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    Client Paging in Day and week view
    In 2009 R2, Products, Client Paging, Day view, WebScheduler, WebScheduler 3, Week view   | No comment
    As explained in previous posts, WebScheduler 3 focused on performance and usability improvements. To improve the performance when rendering events, especially when large dataset is used, Cli... Read more
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    Timeline view’s Client Paging in WebScheduler 3
    In 2009 R2, Products, Client Paging, Performance, Timeline View, WebScheduler, WebScheduler 3   | 2 comments
    Hello everyone, Happy New Year 2010! In this post, I’m going to discuss one of the most exciting features that we added in the recently released WebScheduler. As you may already aware, WebSc... Read more
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    Time Interval in WebScheduler
    In Development, Products, Day view, flexible ui, Time interval, WebScheduler, WebScheduler 3, Week view   | No comment
    In Day, Week, and Split view, the scheduler part is divided into two areas: all-day area and hour area. In previous version of WebScheduler, the hour area is always displayed in 30-minutes i... Read more
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    New Database Wizard In WebScheduler 3
    In 2009 R2, Development, Products, Database Wizard, SQL Database, WebScheduler, WebScheduler 3   | 2 comments
    Stepping-up to version 3, WebScheduler introduces “WebScheduler Database Wizard”, an automatic tool for WebScheduler’s database creation. Forget all the hassles of creating each table and fi... Read more
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    First Look: Performance Improvements in WebScheduler 3
    In 2009 R2, Products, Performance, WebScheduler, WebScheduler 3   | No comment
    If you’re building a large scale, enterprise resources planning application that involve thousands of resources and events in a single month view alone, you would have quickly realizing seri... Read more
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    Enhancements in WebScheduler 2 SP1
    In 2009 R1, Development, Products, Client side API, client-side event, SP1, WebScheduler, WebScheduler 2   | No comment
    Striving to deliver the world’s best WebScheduler product, we continue to enhance and add more new features based on your feedback with the objectives to provide more advanced scheduli... Read more
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