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    Migrating to WebUI Unified Theming
    In 2016 R1, Development, Getting Started Guide, WebUI, Unified Theming, WebGrid, WebUI Studio   | No comment
    We’ve recently released our new Unified Theming for WebUI, which will dramatically alter the look and feel of your WebUI-powered apps, giving it a fresh, modern look and feel. But... Read more
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    Getting Started with Premier Studio 2016
    In 2016 R1, ClientUI, Crosslight, Development, Products, Reference Samples, WebUI, Get Started, Premier Studio 2016, Samples, Silverlight, WebUI Studio, WPF   | No comment
    In our past releases, getting started with Intersoft Premier Studio was quite inconvenience and tedious. With tons of shortcuts to choose from, you can be easily confused where to start from... Read more
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    The All-new WebUI. Experience It Yourself.
    In 2016 R1, Development, General, WebUI, ASP.NET MVC, New Releases, WebCombo, WebDesktop, WebEssentials, WebGrid, WebInput, WebScheduler, WebTextEditor, WebTreeView, WebUI Studio, WebUI Studio ASP.NET   | No comment
    Our months of hard work finally paid off. It’s finally here. With excellent craftsmanship and fine attention to detail, we’re very proud to announce the all-new and powerful WebU... Read more
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    Premier Studio 2016 is here.
    In 2016 R1, announcement, ClientUI, Crosslight, Products, WebUI, New Releases, WebUI Studio   | No comment
    The wait is over! Premier Studio 2016 is here, our biggest and most revolutionary release since Intersoft was established. Our team worked very hard to ensure the best quality of the product... Read more
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    The next WebUI. Redesigned for the future.
    In 2015 R2, Development, General, Products, Roadmap, 2015 r2, roadmap, WebCallOut, WebCombo, WebGrid, WebInput, WebProgressbar, WebTab, WebToolBar, WebUI, WebUI Studio, webui vnext   | No comment
    The web development trend recently revolves around providing great look and feel for the users of World Wide Web. Nowadays, we see lots of beautifully-designed web components along with the ... Read more
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    Introducing the New Team Developer in Intersoft Web
    In 2008 R2, Intersoft Studio, New Releases, WebUI Studio   | 2 comments
    Last year, we successfully redesigned our website and brought account management together in a single, authentic Intersoft experience. Today, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve c... Read more
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    Welcoming 2014 With Exciting Product Roadmap
    In 2014 R1, Development, General, Announcement, Crosslight, Intersoft Studio, Mobile Development, Product Roadmap, WebUI Studio   | 10 comments
    Happy new year to you from all of us at Intersoft! Thank you for being part of the Intersoft community in 2013. Your success means everything to us. Looking ahead, the new year is ripe with ... Read more
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    ClientUI Reporting is Coming in 2013 R1
    In 2013 R1, Development, Products, ClientUI, Reporting, Silverlight, WebUI Studio, WPF   | 2 comments
    As announced in our roadmap here, we’re going to introduce new major lineup for Silverlight and WPF in the coming release. A standalone reporting product is something that we’ve been working... Read more
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    New in 2013 R1: WebScheduler 4
    In 2013 R1, Development, Products, asp.net, WebScheduler 4, WebUI Studio   | 2 comments
    In my previous post, I shared about numoerus powerful and rich UI components that will show up in our next 2013 release for ASP.NET. In this post, I will continue to share about the next pro... Read more
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    Coming soon in 2013 R1: New Features for ASP.NET Lineup, All-new Modern UI Themes, and more
    In 2013 R1, Development, Products, WebUI Studio, WebUI Studio ASP.NET   | 10 comments
    As outlined in our 2013 product roadmap, we’re going to have very exciting new products coming up soon. There will be entirely new kind of lineups that we’ll introduce such as reporting and ... Read more
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