Webgrid 9 Edit not work on Firefox 52 and chrome 57

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Hi all,

Since releas of Firefox 52 we get this error on enter editing of webgrid:

TypeError: grid.FrameObj is undefined

 and  on Chrome 57

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'currentStyle' of undefined
    at Object.DisplayObjectGeneric (ISRes.axd?G/WebGrid_Edit.js/9072001:1)
    at wgDispObjGeneric (ISRes.axd?G/WebGrid_Edit.js/9072001:1)
    at Object.TextboxEditHandler (ISRes.axd?G/WebGrid_Edit.js/9072001:1)
    at Object.ActivateEditMode (ISRes.axd?G/WebGrid_Edit.js/9072001:1)
    at WebGrid.ActivateEditMode (ISRes.axd?G/WebGrid_Core.js/9072001:1)
    at Object.ProcessMouseEvents (ISRes.axd?G/WebGrid_Events.js/9072001:1)
    at Object.OnBodyMouseDown (ISRes.axd?G/WebGrid_UI.js/9072001:1)
    at OnBodyMouseDown (ISRes.axd?G/WebGrid_Core.js/9072001:1)
    at HTMLBodyElement.b._ieEmuEventHandler (ISRes.axd?F/IEMozBridge.js/305000920:1)

have someone the same problem and solution for this.

Thank you


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