IE freeze after webgrid filter

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I have a grid defined as below on a couple different pages.  On one of the pages that uses this, IE 8 will freeze up after they perform a filter on one of the columns.
This only happens for certain users. Are there any IE settings, add-ons, etc. that I should look for that can cause this behaviour.
Again it works fine for most users, it is only some users and only one of the pages that uses the grid as defined below.
The other pages use the same code and it works fine.

<ISWebGrid:WebGrid ID="_webGrid" runat="server" Height="300px" UseDefaultStyle="True" Width="100%" DataMember="BusinessUnitCollection" DataSourceID="_businessUnitsDataSource" OnExport="_webGrid_Export"> <RootTable Caption="BusinessUnitCollection" DataMember="BusinessUnitCollection" DataKeyField="BusinessUnitID"> <Columns> <ISWebGrid:WebGridColumn AllowGrouping="No" AllowSizing="No" AllowSorting="No" Bound="False" ColumnType="CheckBox" EditType="NoEdit" IsRowChecker="True" Name="RowChecker" ShowInSelectColumns="No" Width="30px"> </ISWebGrid:WebGridColumn> <ISWebGrid:WebGridColumn Caption="#" DataMember="BusinessUnitID" Name="BusinessUnitID" Width="50px"> </ISWebGrid:WebGridColumn> <ISWebGrid:WebGridColumn Caption="Property" DataMember="Name" Name="Name" Width="180px"> </ISWebGrid:WebGridColumn> <ISWebGrid:WebGridColumn Caption="Super Region" DataMember="SuperRegion" Name="SuperRegion" Width="120px"> </ISWebGrid:WebGridColumn> <ISWebGrid:WebGridColumn Caption="Region" DataMember="Region" Name="Region" Width="120px"> </ISWebGrid:WebGridColumn> <ISWebGrid:WebGridColumn Caption="Vintage" DataMember="Vintage" Name="Vintage" Width="200px"> </ISWebGrid:WebGridColumn> <ISWebGrid:WebGridColumn Caption="Property Manager" DataMember="PropertyManager" Name="PropertyManager" Width="180px"> </ISWebGrid:WebGridColumn> </Columns> </RootTable> <LayoutSettings AllowFilter="Yes" AutoHeight="True" PagingMode="VirtualLoad" PagingSize="50" SizeHeightBy="-30" VirtualLoadMode="LargeData" AllowExport="Yes" AllowSorting="Yes"> <ClientSideEvents OnInitialize="_webGrid_OnInitialize" /> </LayoutSettings> <FlyPostBackSettings PostInputControls="True" /> </ISWebGrid:WebGrid>

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